Don’t be a liar.

There’s so much bloggers, who sell the dream but in fact their own lives are miserable.

When it comes to community building – trust is what matters most.

You can’t build a community without trust.

In a world of liars and scam artists there’s lack of transparent people who don’t lie.

Have you seen websites that promise huge rewards only if you subscribe, only if you give that email, only when you deposit cash – these are scam websites.

They promise free but you’ll end up paying or getting nothing out of them.

I’m not doing this sort of stuff, the only thing you’ll have to pay if you read my blog is for a t-shirt if you’ll choose to buy one. That’s it!

I’m not doing secret books which promise you 5k subscribers, I’m not hiding any secrets. I won’t lure you in with a freebie, because all my stuff is for free. Just not the t-shirts.

In the end, I want to sell t-shirts through my website, if you have a t-shirt design you can choose to send it to me and I’ll list it on my store, or you can sell it for yourself – there’s no big difference for me.

I’m tired of all these folks pretending to be your friend, when indeed they only are interested in your cash.

It’s not worth buying informational products, because all the secrets are already out there – you just have to have time to find them. Of course, if you don’t have time to surf through all the posts – we can make a deal, but I don’t want it – I rather will sell t-shirts!

If my blog will be successful I’ll then sell some ad space – because man’s got to make a living somehow, right? It isn’t personal, it’s just business.

But when I’m doing business I like to be personal.