Do we live in the multiverse?

The question is straightforward. Do we live in the multiverse?

I’m sure many people would prefer a better reality than it is.

Multiverse theory states that we are living in multiple parallel realities, in one of which you can be a rich guy and in another reality you can be a miserable fuck.


Do we live in a multiverse?

This is a hard question to answer without scientific evidence. The other universes must be non-local. Multiverse itself is just a hypothesis.

Some people imagine that there is another universe where they are rich and famous and whatnot. But in fact we are experiencing this one universe.

It’s a fact that we live in a universe, but it’s a hypothesis that we might be living in multiverse.

Everything that’s not local is out of question since we can’t do tests for non locality yet, and probably people won’t do any tests for non-locality ever.

I don’t want to be this guy, who tells you that we are living in a multiverse and you can do quantum jumps from one parallel reality to another.

As far as multiverse goes, we know that our world isn’t supernatural. Sure there are mystical things, but multiverse is just speculation.

If the multiverse is true, then we might be living in the matrix.

If the multiverse is true, in which universe are living. the first or the last?

It’s hard to tell if the universe has it’s duplicates, but I know for a fact that this universe has multiple possibilities presented at once. Choice of actions is theoretical, but in practical way there’s only one choice. The choice you are doing.

Is there anything else?

We can’t know for sure if we’re the only one intelligent entities. Our universe is vast and we haven’t seen the end of it. But as humans we are exceptional beings. We are sure smarter than any other animal on our planet.

But the big question here is: is there anything else?

Are there aliens in this universe or are we alone? We can’t let thoughts that we are alone to enter our minds, because aliens are true danger. If they are out there they are going to wipe us out.

Parallel universes?

There sure isn’t any parallel universes out there, because you can’t live two lives at once. You are an entity in your body, who experiences reality. Everything in your reality is meant for you. But I know for a fact that there are lot of realities. You have your reality, I have my, other folks have other realities unless their are bots which isn’t likely.

You are the king of your reality, because your pointview is way more important to you than mine.

If a person is living in one reality, it might be his universe, another person joins with his own reality which is his universe so it might be true that we are living in the multiverse – who knows…