Blogging gives a great opportunity to practise English writing.

I’ve been blogging for 5 months now and I noticed my English language to improve.

Blogging is a great opportunity to practice a new language.

Nobody reads blogs these days and blogging, at least casual blogging, not business blogging, is dead.

All the big guys take money from small guys.

And I been thinking about the competition. Wherever I look, I see people competing for a dime. Man, the competition is stiff. Everybody’s competing for money, for attention and the casual guy will be left unheard.

It’s easy to start a blog – it’s not rocket science, but when it comes to building traffic, building an audience – it’s a long boring journey.

Blogging doesn’t have to take all these four or eight years. Real blogging is fast when you write about things that are trending, but being able to write on trending things – you have to be smart.

It’s easy to write for yourself, the real challenge comes when you want to write for people who actually are going to read your blog.

I spent couple of days thinking, should I continue blogging or should I quit.

If it’s not the money aspect. I don’t know if I would be blogging probably not. But when it’s connecting to people and adding my two cents to the discussion – it’s worth blogging.

A blog gives you a voice. But now with social media and twitter, and facebook – everybody has the voice and most people will be left unheard.

That said. I don’t know if blogging isn’t a waste of time, because Google won’t give me traffic, because my headlines suck, because I suck as a writer.

But anyway. I’m going to do my blog semi daily because I’m bored and have nothing to do besides blogging.