Are you drifting aimlessly?

The problem is that many people have no goals, they think life just happens to them and that’s a shame.

Do you play video games all day? Do you surf the web and think you’ll find the secret?

Do you drift aimlessly?

You see, many people think that in order to succeed you have to be special – with lots of talent. With good genes and so on.

The problem is that people don’t know what they want.

Literally you can become whom ever you want if you have just a sip of talent.

Most people drink beer, go to work and then watch tv.

They could have all the talents they want, they would still watch TV.

The problem here is in the thought process.

Most people aren’t creative at least they don’t want to be creative.

As far as I know. I’m the only one writing from my class. I’m the one trying to do something online. I’m the one…

When you drift aimlessly the best thing to do is to look inside yourself and find that one thing you truly want.

Imagine you could become anybody you want – who would you become? Would you be yourself, like you are now? Or would you pursue something that the odds are against you?

In blogging the odds are against me – but I still do it.

Some things are just too hard to do. But that doesn’t mean you should give up and not give it a try.

Hit the gym, try writing, try knitting, try sewing, whatever man – try something and maybe you’ll like it.

When you drifting aimlessly – you’re actually standing still and your life goes to waste. Period.