Are We Living In A Matrix? – Must Read


Are we living in the matrix? Sure we are living in some sort of simulation.

How do you distinguish a matrix?

You see a matrix, when you see things moving by themselves. Turn on a GTA5 game. You know it’s a simulation. You know that other people are bots.

But are we living in a matrix?

This question is a big question and this question is hard to answer.

Sure we live in a simulation, but who’s simulation is it?

Did God create this simulation? Did AI? Did the aliens?

Fact that we are not living in a computer, this is pure fact, because the computer is human invention.

We must be living inside something else. Call it the universe.

Do we live inside an Aquarium?

When you think about it – it makes sense, that us – the entities are living inside some sort of Aquarium. It’s very hard to tell if something outside of this aquarium exists.

Because as humans, we can’t do any tests for non-locality. Something that is not local.

We are like sims in someone’s game.

Can you realize that you’ve created yourself? Reality did not exist before you.

Everything that is happening to you – is meant for you.

We can philosophize that our reality is not the base reality, but what else is there for a SIM(ulated) person? He only knows his own reality.

Our actions are dictated by stimulus around us, there’s barely any free will. But sure we have freedom. Our freedom is theoretical.

People are talking about the multiverse, but there is no other you who is successful or rich – you are just one, the experiencer who experiences reality.


You can look at reality in two ways.

One way to look at reality is that every single element moves on its own.

Another way to look at reality is that all elements are moved by the system.

A system like in GTA5 game.

This game sure looks like reality, but it lacks detail.

Life could be just a great game. But life isn’t a game as far as I know.

I love the matrix and I believe we’re living in a matrix.

This matrix is super detailed, super interactive, when you pinch yourself – you feel real pain.

But we can’t tell that our lives are fake and there is something else, like afterlife.

Just man, enjoy your live. If we are living in the matrix or not – it doesn’t change our duties, responsibilities and other things. Life is life as it was before the matrix. The movie.

But my question is this: if we’re living in the matrix, why is this matrix in the first place? Why is there something instead of nothing? This is a philosophical question nobody has found the answer.

I write – you read. This text is made by a real human being, not a bot, if there are any bots in the first place.

This is another philosophical question: do all entities experience consciousness?

Living in the matrix sure is a deep topic I can’t explain in few words.

But people who aren’t interested in the matrix they never will see the matrix.

It’s sure pointless to argue with people who haven’t seen the movie matrix.

Do you see, what morpheus is talking – in the movie those people are bots, this could be true in the real world. It’s a hard question to answer if we are living in the matrix.

Maybe we are, maybe we are not.

I’m not sure but I believe we are living in the matrix.