Are we alone in the universe?

We haven’t seen the edge of the universe yet, but when it comes to animals – we are not alone in this universe. Sure we might be alone in the universe as a intelligent species.

Alone in the universe

Are we alone?

To state the obvious answer to this question: nobody knows if we’re alone in the universe.

We would know if we’re alone in the universe if we would explore the whole universe. Sure there are habitable planets elsewhere in the universe. But the question is – do they have live in them?

I haven’t been on those planets.

I know you haven’t been too.

Are we alone in the universe? Is a question for our speculation, but if there are any aliens they sure would love to colonize our planet.

Life itself is unfair and harsh game if you will.

Everybody’s trying to compete and win. Aliens posses great danger to humanity so we can’t let thoughts that we are alone in this place to occur.

As a species we are a young species, we haven’t explored our planet and nearby planets – so what do we know about other lifeforms. But scientists told us that the universe lacks phosphorus.

So when the universe lacks phosphorus it’s hard to create life on other planets. Without phosphorus there can’t be any lifeforms.

So I guess we are alone after all. But don’t let these thoughts occur to you. Because as I told. Aliens if they are intelligent posses great danger to our planet.

We can’t let our species to disappear and we have to nurture our planet and nurture the space.