Anything I can do, you can do better.

I’m the worst person alive. I’m not greedy, I’m a giver.

But let me tell you this one thing. I’m good with computers, I’m a great troubleshooter.

You can be good with computers. The thing is – you just turn on that damn thing and you instantly know you’re going to be good with it.

I’m good at writing articles. When you write your first piece – it sucks, I know. But you can’t suck forever.

Anything I can do, you can do better.

Because I’m the worst person. If you feel like the worst person, then you’re second from me.

Some things take a lot of time. It took me couple of years to get good with computers, but I became good with computers because I was not afraid to fail and experiment. I got to this place because I always experiment.

Life has good things to offer, but we must be willing to take them. I’m willing to work hard to achieve my goals. Some things are harder than others but writing a piece of text is easy for me.

Some people turn on the screen and stare into the white screen. Me, I’m the opposite – I turn on the screen and realize that it will take a lifetime to write everything out.

And that’s interesting. Don’t look for your passion, let it find you and when it does – you will be bursting with energy, because every single thing you do bring you closer to your goal.

It’s a miracle that writing found me. I can sit at my desk and spend hours crafting a single post. But most of the time I spend couple of minutes writing a post, because I have so much to tell.

Anything I do – you can do better. I know this because I’m the worst person.