Against all odds.

People are competing for your dollar. Everybody wants to be rich and they say you gotta work fucking hard to be rich.

Most pornstars are richer than an average workforce person. And pornstars just suck dick. Blow eight dicks in Lithuania and you’ll earn minimum wage over night.

It sucks that I’m a guy, can’t blow dicks because I’m not gay.

Porn industry is huge. Girls sure love sucking dick and playing with various toys.

John Chow said blogging is multimillion dollar industry, or is it multibillion? Sure would love a slice of that million.

But anyway, when you enter a competitive field all odds are against you. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. If you’re just one guy chances of you being successful are really slim.

You can’t do all things alone. Being alone is harsh. Today the best teams win. Business is harsh and very competitive.

I’m not in business, I’m in arts. But art is also a business.

It’s easy to be a writer, but it’s hard to master writing so that the books would sell. I hate persuading people. I don’t want to persuade.

I want people to buy my stuff without persuading.

Anyway. I’m thinking to turn this blog into a donation fueled blog. Nobody’s going to buy my t-shirts anyway.

Yeah, I would love to be a paid blogger but that’s not happening. I actually hate business. Although I love sales, but I’m not in sales. I just love getting money, money makes me happy.

The more money you’ve got the better in this world. Money gives you status, money gives you fame, because everybody likes to follow a rich guy who shows off his money.

I’m all about connecting with people but as I realized people don’t want to connect with me. Most people think I’m stupid. But jokes on them. I’m not stupid, at least I think I’m not.

I read somewhere that people envy smart people. Being smart makes you incredibly unpopular. But I’m not smart. People create laptops, the web, the everything. I just write. Writing isn’t work that’s why it’s devalued.

Do you know how many aspiring writers there are? And most are better than me, they write in native English. Sure I know Russian, Lithuanian, English – but I’m not native.

Creating something useful is hard. I don’t know how they built the world. I sure didn’t build anything. I can’t do anything without a team.

I did a test at 16personalities. My test results show that I’m an ENTJ, the commander. I somehow know what to do but I’m kinda can’t do it alone. I got this sense of direction. I would love to shape the world how I want it. But you know – when you have no moneyrino, you are the shitterino.

When I was a little kid, I knew that I’m not a worker. I’m the one who gives the orders. I just can’t work. My work is different. I give commands on paper or by voice.

As if I was the captain of the ship. Sure there are better commanders than me. But anyway, since I was a little guy I knew that there are two types of people: the ones that give the orders and those who follow the orders.

When I was growing up. I noticed that many people are without ambition, without goals. So I figured that I could give goals to people.

But then I realized many people can do anything for money and money I didn’t have. So I couldn’t create any company and so on.

Nobody will do things for free.

By myself I just can write and inspire people. I noticed that people who surround me are irresponsible. As a “leader”, well, I’m not a leader, at least yet I’m not. I say that I value responsibility, courage, being on time, and most of all I value people who can get the job done.

I don’t care where in the world you are.

I want to create a firm, well, I won’t for sure, but I want to give people freedom. I hate the 9-5. I would love to see people travel, have a great time. But work as I see it is a serious thing.

If I would be rich. I would give out an order to buy junk. Because there’s so much trash in the streets. They don’t buy trash, because nobody gives money for trash. You can’t do anything for trash.

There’s not enough cleaners in the streets. I personally don’t litter. Just butt’s of cigarettes, because there isn’t trash cans around the city.

They could build trash cans, but that’s money to look after them.

You can make a lot of things from this world. This world is made by old people, but someday old people gonna die and the baby class will rule the world.

We can make this place a better place. Because the world is far away from perfect. The world is upgrading every day. It’s like an ever upgrading matrix.

The world isn’t static. Things are going on always in the world. People don’t sleep. When ones sleep the others work.

Writing isn’t working. While building roads, buildings, bridges, train rails – that’s true work. But somebody has to write those articles for people to read. That’s my job.

I don’t want to be a parasite. I do what I can. And I’m not getting paid to do it. I believe if you love something you can do it all your life. I love writing, I believe I was born to write.

Humans are imperfect, that’s why people have to invent the world. We need web connection, we need this and that. And of course, we need to build everything by ourselves, because god was too lazy to invent all the things.

It’s a difficult and complex matrix. Life sure isn’t easy. But I had a thought that living itself is a serious thing. Survival of the species. The specie has to survive and evolve into something more greater.

The earth is the same for all species, but we are lucky not to be farmed. It sucks bad for chickens, for cows, for pigs, for any other specie life sucks more than for humans. We’re also animals the same biological, chemical, physical conditions apply.

But we humans want to control everything. I had a thought that we are the exploiter type animals. We have to exploit the world, and sooner or later the galaxy and the universe. Because we need a lot of resources. Luckily the earth is full of resources but someday the resources will end. Then we will have to dig deep into the Earth or go out in space. Because we need to gather resources.

8 billion people need a lot of cheap and easy to produce food. And somebody has to fulfill the orders.

If it wasn’t for businessmen we wouldn’t have anything. Scientists sure find and discover things but we humans can’t build everything alone. Somebody has to instruct us. Because if you would be locked in a room since you were little. You wouldn’t know how to talk. So we have to be grateful for things society gave us.

Computers, web, food, flats, roofs and everything. But the problem is that still 100 million people live in the outside worldwide.

But as Jacque Fresco told once, sooner or later people will be living better than millionaires are living today.

You know that back in the day, kings were living worse than we live today. So kinda we’re living good but we always want more and more and more and more and better than everybody else. Humans want to dominate. All species want to dominate. But for some it’s harder than for others.

When I think about it. I don’t want to die. I want to live. And maybe 30 more years later life will be different. Maybe I’ll survive till things will get better and if not. Then it means my lifestyle is bad.

I sure want to travel the world. I sure want to fuck a girl. I sure want to have status and be successful but maybe that’s not for me.

Only god knows how my life is going to end. But sooner or later I’m going to figure it out by myself.