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Maybe I’m just afraid. Afraid of success. Afraid of not knowing what’s going to happen. Afraid of the future.

I’m so afraid, that things gonna go out of control.

Afraid that I’m going to lose my mind, again, forever.

To lead a decent life you gotta be brave.

Successful life needs no cowards, who hide in their bed. Success doesn’t need anti social people, mentally damaged people.

I’m afraid that I’m never going to succeed and all my efforts will be wasted.

I’m afraid that years and years of work won’t produce any results.

I’m afraid that I’m going to waste my life.

I could do better, but I can’t.

I’m stuck with this life, probably forever.

I want more, but I’m afraid. I’m not going to pray to god, because I’m afraid.

I’m lucky to be alive, but I’m afraid to live.

I want more, I need more, but I’m afraid because I have no plan.

I’m afraid that my plans which I create are going to fail.

I’m afraid that I’ll fail.

I’m afraid that I’ll succeed.

Either way, I’m afraid.

I’m afraid to be afraid.

My life is there to be lived. But sometimes I wish I was dead, sometimes a thought occurs – to kill myself. But I’m afraid – what’s next? What’s going to happen when I’m dead?

I sure don’t want to kill myself – because I’m afraid.

I’m afraid that I’ll never truly live.