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My friend from Panevėžys.

Yesterday my friend arrived, he had some beer.

We went to the Buivydiškių swamp.

And then we got drunk, he took a dive into the ‘lake’

Anyway, yesterday wasn’t a bad day. Just vomited 4 times.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When I started appearing online. I thought I just post some crap and get all the money. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The competition is stiff.

Anyway. I hope I’ll earn from my soon to launch porn website.

I’m planning on launching next month, 15 days to go.

I’ve earned money online. So I know it’s possible.

But everything is sophisticated.

I wonder how much traffic will my porn website bring, because my blog brings somewhat 10 visitors. I wonder how much visitors I need to make 5$ per day with a porn website. I guess somewhere around 1000 visitors. Don’t get me wrong but 1000 visitors is a lot of visitors.

I doubt my porn website will get so much visitors. At least in first months it won’t, but what about after a year?

Maybe I’ll earn 5$ per day. 5$ per day would mean that I wouldn’t need a ‘real’ job.

Despite this. It doesn’t matter where you live when starting a website. The circumstances are equal for everybody and the money is equal for everybody. As I said, there’s a lot of competition.

Gave another thought about a porn website.

Anyway. There’s this big promise that you can earn 100$ a day on autopilot from a porn website.

I know. On blogging there’s also a big promise to earn but in reality it’s different.

I will try to make the porn website and see what will happen.

Maybe it’s a gold mine but in fact I doubt it.

Because there’s so much porn websites that it probably isn’t that easy to earn 100$ per day.

I need to make at least 5$ per day and I’m good.

Because with blogging I can’t make money. Blogging is a hard way to make money, maybe with a porn website it would be easier. Who knows?

Anyway, if I see a venture, I need to try it out. Because when I haven’t tried I just can’t say that porn industry hasn’t got the money. I know it has the money but blogging industry has money too. And I can’t earn it.

That said. I’m going to tell you how my porn website goes. 🙂

Could write English books, but…

Yeah I’ve been thinking about writing English eBooks, but my English language is with bad grammar, my English language is sloppy and I’m not native in English tongue.

Besides, I have short books in English – nobody buys them, this month I haven’t sold any eBooks. Probably they are so bad.

Anyway. Since I told you that I’m going to show you stats of my blog periodically.

Here are my stats of the blog since the beginning.

The stats are not too great.

Anyway this blog gets somewhat 10 visits per day.

I’m glad that this blog has returning visitors. It means that I’m not a bad blogger.

Will try to grow the traffic of the blog, but as always – without marketing.


Started writing a new detective.

Anyway. I don’t know if I’ll get your support. So I started writing a new detective anyway. And this time it will be for sale.

Made a deal with my voicing actor from sales 50%/50%.

We will make this one book and look if there are any sales. If there won’t be any sales. I won’t write another detective.

It’s a very simple scheme. I write, he does the voicing and we will have a product.

But I want to note, that this time writing is very hard. I only have 300 words on the new detective. This time writing is hard.

When I wrote “Kas yra Garetas?” it was seamless.

This text was very easy to write since it was my first detective. Now I have to come up with new ideas and it’s very hard.

When you do something for the first time. It’s very easy. But when you want to repeat the process – it becomes harder and harder, because you run out of ideas. Coming up with new ideas is hard.

That said. I hope to have some sales with my new detective.

How I discovered Offspring, the band.

I was somewhere in 6th grade. We were traveling to Kaunas. With some boy scout group. I was somewhat social back then.

While going forward some chick gave the driver of the bus this cassette and I heard first time The Offspring.

I remember I gave my classmate 5 Litas in exchange for food, but he carried the food the whole time because we ate in some restaurant. Next day his mom called me and gave 5 Litas back because I didn’t eat the food.

After we got back from Kaunas, I asked the chick what’s the name of the band and she replied the Offspring.

Then I went back home and asked mom for 6 Litas and went to shop to buy the Offspring cassette. Don’t remember which cassette it was but I had all of them at that time. Because back then Offspring was my favorite band.

Now I listen to Ixnay On The Hombre

This struck me a memory


Today I was at my dentist in the clinic. They pulled my broken tooth roots. The ‘operation’ was difficult as they said.

Before I was sitting in the lobby and saw a man in a wheelchair.

Instantly I became grateful for the things I have.

I guess it takes to see somebody doing worse than you – then you instantly become grateful.

Despite the fact, I like complaining. I complain a lot – just like George Carlin.

There’s nothing better than old good complain.

I also do rants and jokes, but there’s nothing better than an good old complain.

Here in Lithuania are lots of things to complain. I’ll probably never run out of things to complain.

But still, I’m grateful when I see people in wheelchairs. Good thing that I have valid hands and legs. Sucks to be nick vujicic – the man without arms and legs. But he’s doing better than the man in a wheelchair.

Probably he did a good marketing. I’m kinda pissed about people who listen to cripples.

Usually men without arms and limbs can’t do anything. But Nick got lucky. He’s got all the help he needs and a lot of cash, family and so on. Me being almost healthy – I’m doing worse.

Probably I need to slice out my hands and legs. 🙂

Need your support.

I’m planing to write a new detective. But voicing books costs 50€ per hour.

So I need your support, if five people donate me x10€, I could voice 1 hour book.

I’m saying this because I’ve already spent 200€ on voicing books and gave it away for free. If people won’t give me money for my work I simply won’t write any new eBooks.

I want to give my work for free because let’s admit – who’s going to buy it? I don’t have a big fan base.

Also to note. I don’t want to spend my own money on voicing books. I want you to make it possible, because a man has to survive.

Besides I’m not asking a lot. 5×10€, to voice 1 hour book.

Because no fan will voice the book for free.

If I won’t get money I simply won’t write any new eBooks. It’s simple as that.

Been thinking about starting a porn site.

It can’t be that easy, that you only buy plugins and launch a website and you get money on autopilot.

It isn’t easy to make money with a porn website.

And besides without marketing anybody won’t see the website.

It sucks that you have to market you website, because google is literally filled with porn websites – who needs another porn website?

I haven’t tried it so I don’t know how it would go. But I assume porn would do better than my blog. 🙂

It’s good to have friends.

You know that there are people who have no friends?

How horrible that is.

I’m glad I have some friends. Love you all.


Against all odds.

People are competing for your dollar. Everybody wants to be rich and they say you gotta work fucking hard to be rich.

Most pornstars are richer than an average workforce person. And pornstars just suck dick. Blow eight dicks in Lithuania and you’ll earn minimum wage over night.

It sucks that I’m a guy, can’t blow dicks because I’m not gay.

Porn industry is huge. Girls sure love sucking dick and playing with various toys.

John Chow said blogging is multimillion dollar industry, or is it multibillion? Sure would love a slice of that million.

But anyway, when you enter a competitive field all odds are against you. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. If you’re just one guy chances of you being successful are really slim.

You can’t do all things alone. Being alone is harsh. Today the best teams win. Business is harsh and very competitive.

I’m not in business, I’m in arts. But art is also a business.

It’s easy to be a writer, but it’s hard to master writing so that the books would sell. I hate persuading people. I don’t want to persuade.

I want people to buy my stuff without persuading.

Anyway. I’m thinking to turn this blog into a donation fueled blog. Nobody’s going to buy my t-shirts anyway.

Yeah, I would love to be a paid blogger but that’s not happening. I actually hate business. Although I love sales, but I’m not in sales. I just love getting money, money makes me happy.

The more money you’ve got the better in this world. Money gives you status, money gives you fame, because everybody likes to follow a rich guy who shows off his money.

I’m all about connecting with people but as I realized people don’t want to connect with me. Most people think I’m stupid. But jokes on them. I’m not stupid, at least I think I’m not.

I read somewhere that people envy smart people. Being smart makes you incredibly unpopular. But I’m not smart. People create laptops, the web, the everything. I just write. Writing isn’t work that’s why it’s devalued.

Do you know how many aspiring writers there are? And most are better than me, they write in native English. Sure I know Russian, Lithuanian, English – but I’m not native.

Creating something useful is hard. I don’t know how they built the world. I sure didn’t build anything. I can’t do anything without a team.

I did a test at 16personalities. My test results show that I’m an ENTJ, the commander. I somehow know what to do but I’m kinda can’t do it alone. I got this sense of direction. I would love to shape the world how I want it. But you know – when you have no moneyrino, you are the shitterino.

When I was a little kid, I knew that I’m not a worker. I’m the one who gives the orders. I just can’t work. My work is different. I give commands on paper or by voice.

As if I was the captain of the ship. Sure there are better commanders than me. But anyway, since I was a little guy I knew that there are two types of people: the ones that give the orders and those who follow the orders.

When I was growing up. I noticed that many people are without ambition, without goals. So I figured that I could give goals to people.

But then I realized many people can do anything for money and money I didn’t have. So I couldn’t create any company and so on.

Nobody will do things for free.

By myself I just can write and inspire people. I noticed that people who surround me are irresponsible. As a “leader”, well, I’m not a leader, at least yet I’m not. I say that I value responsibility, courage, being on time, and most of all I value people who can get the job done.

I don’t care where in the world you are.

I want to create a firm, well, I won’t for sure, but I want to give people freedom. I hate the 9-5. I would love to see people travel, have a great time. But work as I see it is a serious thing.

If I would be rich. I would give out an order to buy junk. Because there’s so much trash in the streets. They don’t buy trash, because nobody gives money for trash. You can’t do anything for trash.

There’s not enough cleaners in the streets. I personally don’t litter. Just butt’s of cigarettes, because there isn’t trash cans around the city.

They could build trash cans, but that’s money to look after them.

You can make a lot of things from this world. This world is made by old people, but someday old people gonna die and the baby class will rule the world.

We can make this place a better place. Because the world is far away from perfect. The world is upgrading every day. It’s like an ever upgrading matrix.

The world isn’t static. Things are going on always in the world. People don’t sleep. When ones sleep the others work.

Writing isn’t working. While building roads, buildings, bridges, train rails – that’s true work. But somebody has to write those articles for people to read. That’s my job.

I don’t want to be a parasite. I do what I can. And I’m not getting paid to do it. I believe if you love something you can do it all your life. I love writing, I believe I was born to write.

Humans are imperfect, that’s why people have to invent the world. We need web connection, we need this and that. And of course, we need to build everything by ourselves, because god was too lazy to invent all the things.

It’s a difficult and complex matrix. Life sure isn’t easy. But I had a thought that living itself is a serious thing. Survival of the species. The specie has to survive and evolve into something more greater.

The earth is the same for all species, but we are lucky not to be farmed. It sucks bad for chickens, for cows, for pigs, for any other specie life sucks more than for humans. We’re also animals the same biological, chemical, physical conditions apply.

But we humans want to control everything. I had a thought that we are the exploiter type animals. We have to exploit the world, and sooner or later the galaxy and the universe. Because we need a lot of resources. Luckily the earth is full of resources but someday the resources will end. Then we will have to dig deep into the Earth or go out in space. Because we need to gather resources.

8 billion people need a lot of cheap and easy to produce food. And somebody has to fulfill the orders.

If it wasn’t for businessmen we wouldn’t have anything. Scientists sure find and discover things but we humans can’t build everything alone. Somebody has to instruct us. Because if you would be locked in a room since you were little. You wouldn’t know how to talk. So we have to be grateful for things society gave us.

Computers, web, food, flats, roofs and everything. But the problem is that still 100 million people live in the outside worldwide.

But as Jacque Fresco told once, sooner or later people will be living better than millionaires are living today.

You know that back in the day, kings were living worse than we live today. So kinda we’re living good but we always want more and more and more and more and better than everybody else. Humans want to dominate. All species want to dominate. But for some it’s harder than for others.

When I think about it. I don’t want to die. I want to live. And maybe 30 more years later life will be different. Maybe I’ll survive till things will get better and if not. Then it means my lifestyle is bad.

I sure want to travel the world. I sure want to fuck a girl. I sure want to have status and be successful but maybe that’s not for me.

Only god knows how my life is going to end. But sooner or later I’m going to figure it out by myself.

Business isn’t as easy as I expected it to be.

I’m not a businessman. I’m a writer, but writing is also a business.

Whatever you do in life – you got to make sales.

There’s a business at every place you go. Business there, business here. Everything is business.

But man, business is harsh.

I thought at first, that I’ll pop some t-shirts and people will willingly buy those t-shirts. But it appeared that nobody needs a new t-shirt.

Over the course of 1 year maybe less. I sold just two t-shirts.

Man it was timing. I was lucky.

I realized people don’t need things I’m offering. Everybody needs free. Nobody’s willing to support me. Although I had some donations, Sold a Happy Birthday video and earned 5€ yesterday. I was lucky. If it’s not luck I don’t know what it is.

To sell you got to be lucky.

Anyway producing products and content is really hard. I don’t know how much you have to pay to produce 10 000€ product. I sure couldn’t produce this kind of content or product.

I realized that this world is just business, there’s nothing personal in this world amongst people. It’s just business.

There’s barely few friendships going on.

My life is pretty dull but I’m glad that I don’t have to work. I sure would love to be a blogger, have people who support me. Because man, life is though. Life is hard, it would be even harder if I had to work.

People make fun of me because I’m a paranoid schizophrenic.

I don’t feel stupid, but I feel that I was born into an alien world. This world isn’t my world. I feel like an alien. Somebody who’s not needed.

When I was a kid. I thought that every person is happy to meet me and I was hoping that this world isn’t full of disgust, filth and scum.

But as I got older. I started seeing all the disgust, filth, scum and nonsense. I don’t believe there’s god. Because why would god create such a disgusting world.

People are creating a dump out of this world. People and some animals are hostile to humans. It doesn’t look like this place is friendly. Man, the place is hostile. I’m lucky to be alive.

When I was a kid, I was naive, but my naivety dropped when I got older. I thought that this place is where we are the big family. But many people don’t like me, many people don’t care. And I too, don’t care and don’t like back.

I used to like people, but many people are grown up motherfuckers and assholes. Anyway this world has destroyed me.

First they killed my father when I was 6 years old, my brother wasn’t born yet. It would be different if I had a father. It would be way different. Then this girl killed my child, well not child, but my sperm. It would be different if I had kids. I would be happy.

Then they tricked and scammed me with jobs.

Like everyone’s cool and I’m not.

I no longer care if these fucking people accept me. I won’t work for you ever. I would rather starve than serve.

In school they laughed at me, they still laugh at me now. As if I was a joker. Sure I do jokes, but people don’t get my jokes. The jokes are on you, you fucking morons. Not you – them. We’re cool man.

Life would be different if I didn’t have an open heart surgery, life would be different if I wouldn’t have schizophrenia. But now it is what it is.

Unfortunately I wasn’t born beautiful. Because people follow you for two reasons. Either you look good, or do good. I’m neither.

You can bleed on a page as much as you want because literally there’s nobody who cares. And I’m writing this for one person. I don’t care about the rest. You can suck my dick.

Today I’m kinda not in a mood.

My dreams haven’t come true. Sure my dream was easy, just to blog. But I wanted to connect to people, find new friends, now I don’t care.

I don’t care about this planet. I don’t care who’s in Lithuanian parliament. I don’t care what currency I use. I don’t care about the readers.

Back in the day I was different, but now it is what it is.

Business is hard, barely anyone buys my books. Barely anyone watches my videos and barely anyone wants to connect. But I no longer care.

It’s funny how I don’t like most people, but still writing for people.

I imagined that I would be rich, married, with a funny job, because I seeked fun all the time. Because I wanted my life to be fun.

But there’s so little fun in life. Everything is dark. I’m not like that, but my life is like that.

не мы такие жизнь такая

My life goes somewhere. I wanted so bad to be loved by people but now I feel as an outcast. People don’t like me, I don’t like them back.

It is sure hard to find caring people. I know most people aren’t bad, I just don’t know them.

Few days ago some guy committed suicide on Facebook, 300 people were watching and encouraging the guy to hang himself. Now you see that most people don’t like each other. It’s not me alone.

Why bother working? Why bother buying beautiful clothes, if in reality only your mother loves you – if you have one, that is.

But most mothers don’t like their kids. Fathers also don’t like their kids. If you have at least one person who’s warm to you – you’ve been blessed in this cruel world.

I don’t know what type of god created this world.

A person comes naked into this world, and goes out with a shiny jacked. Nobody cares about the people, if we would care really, people like Keith Flint and Chester Bennington wouldn’t kill themselves. You people truly kill world’s geniuses. There are more people who have killed themselves because of you, there isn’t any help if you’re fucked up.

There’s any love in this place. Just hate. People hating each other for their race, for money, for something else. Sexysm, racism, nationalism. Personally me, I don’t hate. I just don’t like people, that’s why I’m always at home. Because people piss me off.

People teach each other to hate. And rich people don’t want poor people to be rich. The rich want poor to stay poor. Most people don’t have the power to change the world. People say, if you want to change the world, change yourself. But how can I change towards good when I see the cruelty of the world?

You can’t change the world. It’s better to adapt to the world. It is how it is. But if you want to have children in this disgusting place, you’d better think twice because people don’t want to be born. Many people wish they were dead. Life is a fucked up place.

I’m done for now.

Skipping the schedule.

I told my readers that I’m going to write daily but I skipped a day.

Wasn’t in a mood to write.

Been looking for marketers for hire, but man outside Lithuania marketers are expensive they want somewhat $3,000-$20,000 per month. I really can’t afford a marketer.

I’ve been thinking about getting a marketer but when I saw the cost. I realized I would rather save my money which I don’t have.

Now I’m thinking do I want to continue blogging or no. Because without serious marketing this blog isn’t going to be successful.

Every successful blog is marketed heavily. Me? I don’t do any marketing. I was hoping that traffic will come from Google but no traffic comes. I think I wasted time creating 400+ posts. I was hoping for at least 400 daily views. But I was wrong.

Anyway. I been at my grandmother. Ate a frozen pizza.

Nothing new happened during these days.

Currently out of smokes. Played a bit of rise of kingdoms but got bored with the game ended up deleting it.

Drinked one liter of beer yesterday, puked a bit, today drinked half a liter – didn’t puke.

Life is going as usual. Nothing new.

That said. I just don’t know, blogging isn’t a serious business. It’s more of a hobby than a business.

Anyway, My mom brought me some cigarillos – going to smoke, see ya.

4 Steps to Turn Your Passions into a Career.

Writing is self therapy.

Writing has helped me to see what I think about. You know when you’re thinking things and not writing them down. You actually don’t notice the things you’re thinking about.

Writing is good self therapy.

Writing relieves stress.

When I haven’t wrote I felt that my life is falling apart. Well not to say that writing improved my life a lot, it gave me an occupation.

Now I write every day.

Writing is therapeutic for few things.

  • You can bleed on a page.
  • You can write books to sell
  • But writing itself is a disappointing occupation.

If you love misery – choose writing as your career.

Because let’s admit even when writing is like therapy. It’s disappointing when people don’t read your work. Writing itself is the easy part, hard part is to get people to actually read your work.

Writing helps you think because before you put some words on the screen you have to think clearly to not make a joker out of yourself.

When you don’t care about the readers, writing is a great way to relieve stress, cope with your feelings and have a good time.

Because every 1000 word article takes about one hour to write. So if you’re interested in writing, try to write and you’ll see how writing makes you happy.

Of course not all people like writing, but writing can increase your happiness. With writing you can log your life. And recall things you we’re doing year ago, or even for longer periods of time.

Writing has been devalued since now we have video. It’s easier to shoot a video, than to write a long boring post – you’ll probably will never read.

Simple video vlogs can relieve stress, especially when you have nobody to talk to. I’m doing it – and it’s great.

Try writing, try vlogging.

Are you drifting aimlessly?

The problem is that many people have no goals, they think life just happens to them and that’s a shame.

Do you play video games all day? Do you surf the web and think you’ll find the secret?

Do you drift aimlessly?

You see, many people think that in order to succeed you have to be special – with lots of talent. With good genes and so on.

The problem is that people don’t know what they want.

Literally you can become whom ever you want if you have just a sip of talent.

Most people drink beer, go to work and then watch tv.

They could have all the talents they want, they would still watch TV.

The problem here is in the thought process.

Most people aren’t creative at least they don’t want to be creative.

As far as I know. I’m the only one writing from my class. I’m the one trying to do something online. I’m the one…

When you drift aimlessly the best thing to do is to look inside yourself and find that one thing you truly want.

Imagine you could become anybody you want – who would you become? Would you be yourself, like you are now? Or would you pursue something that the odds are against you?

In blogging the odds are against me – but I still do it.

Some things are just too hard to do. But that doesn’t mean you should give up and not give it a try.

Hit the gym, try writing, try knitting, try sewing, whatever man – try something and maybe you’ll like it.

When you drifting aimlessly – you’re actually standing still and your life goes to waste. Period.

How to start writing.

Don’t let anyone fool you that writing is easy, it’s easy to start but hard to master.

When I started writing, my pieces were so garbage. That I don’t even remember where I’ve put them, probably deleted.

When I started writing I wrote poems. Poems are easy. But most poems are garbage. Personally me I wouldn’t start with writing poems, but you can.

Anyway, my poems were garbage. I’m ashamed of them.

In this age everybody is a writer, there’s so many texts send daily that I don’t know the number. A lot.

My advice when you start writing don’t read your stuff as soon as you write it. Give it some time. Like a week. And if you’re good you’ll like what you’ve wrote. If you don’t like what you wrote – that’s bad.

Every human has different taste in writing. But good text is liked by almost everybody. Personally me, I hate the how to’s and the news.

I like to have a deeper connection with the reader.

You know, start by bleeding on your page. Bleed your heart out because everybody likes when a writer is bleeding.

The next thing is putting it out there. If you’ll put the text out there – there’s a big chance no one is going to read it 🙁

When writing – you want to get comfortable with putting letters on a screen. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect in grammar, it’s all good as long as there aren’t any misspelled words. Nobody gives a shit about commas these days.

When you’ll get comfortable with typing letters everything should be fine. But my advice don’t write long fiction book as your first text. Focus on small pieces first. 1000 words is enough for your texts, man 200 is enough.

The main objective of writing is to deliver the message. As long as you have something to say – you’re good to go.

Don’t be afraid that somebody criticizes your work. It happens to the best writers and the more you’re known the more criticism you’ll get.

Critics are failed writers. You know it’s easier to criticize than to write.

During my life I wrote 3 books, haven’t published them. I guess I’m a bad writer.

Of course, if you’re interested in blogging. Write and read blog posts. If you’re interested in books. Write and read books.

Because when you’re not published any published book is better than yours. But publishing is a business. If you’re an unknown person nobody’s going to publish you unless you’ll get a testimonial from Brian Tracy.

I heard Brian tell a story how this woman wrote a book on time management and nobody wanted to publish the book until Brian wrote a testimonial.

Harry Potter was rejected 12 times

Anyway publishing is a hard business, it’s different from book printing, anybody can print you a book. Go to amazon kindle and you’ll have a book printed. But to publish a book – that’s the business.

You can put any book on sale, but I doubt it will have sales without good marketing.

Anyway, when starting writing your task is to put work in front of people. Try free at first, create yourself a blog.

Because the best place to test if your writing is good is a blog. If people will read – you’re going to be a famous blogger and will earn money.

Write to connect and to tell a great story. If you know how to read, you should know how to write.

Focus on one piece of text at a time.

It’s good to write a lot, and bad to jump between your writings.

When I write I focus only on my writing. I turn off every other distraction. Facebook, Discord. This helps a lot.

When you start your blogging journey, you’ll have this question: “Will I be able to write so much?

When you look at your blogging journey. You can think of it as gradual writing. Sure back ago 5 months I couldn’t have imagined what I’ll be writing in this blog.

I don’t know my niche. I’m just good at writing but my writing is nicheless. Well maybe my niche is making people brave to try various endeavors.

But I’m not a guy who likes to write various things just to try them. I’ll try things when I’m making a stable income. Because now there’s nothing to try new. Sure I could go to the coffee shop to buy some coffee, but that’s nothing special.

All my life I wanted to travel to Paris but that hasn’t happened yet. Then I wanted to travel to Egypt, to see the pyramids, but that hasn’t happened as well.

Focus on one post at a time, because you sure can’t write two posts simultaneously. Focus on building brick by brick.

So being this miserable guy. I figured that I need an occupation, because my life isn’t that great and I’ve read many stories how blogging changes people’s lives. I want to change my life, but I don’t want to change myself.

You know that people who built this world built it like they imagined.

The saying goes. Change yourself to change the world. But I believe you can change the world with lots of energy. But that’s not the problem. I’m a good guy indeed. I want to help you all.

But how can I help? I’m poor can’t give you money.

All I can do is write some encouraging articles. Article writing is a job at the desk. I don’t know any writers who write by hand these days. Everybody’s on the laptop.

I had this dream, where I travel the world and make money while I sleep. This sounds great but do you imagine how many people want that? The competition is stiff, these days every person who has some ambition has a blog too.

When I write I focus only on one topic, but as you see my writing is all over the place. Paris, Egypt and other great parts of the world.

I believe the main thing that differs good writers from bad ones is that bad ones aren’t interesting to read. I hope I’m interesting, otherwise I’m bad.

This writing occupation started when I was a kid and one girlfriend asked my to text a poem over the phone. I wrote one, then she asked for another one. I wrote another one, she asked for more and I kept writing until now, but now I don’t write poems.

I’m like this mother with a lot of children. Haha 🙂

Every article I wrote so far was a disaster. Not because they’re bad, but because I struggle with views.

If enough people see my work. I sure could be successful. But I’m not a marketer. That’s why I struggle with views. But that’s another story.

Good writers focus on one piece of text at a time. Because even Stephen King can’t write two books at the same time. You can’t push two posts at the same, but you can do them simultaneously.

After writing for 5 months I noticed my English to improve. Now I use autocorrect more rarely but still I’m using it. Good thing the computer can fix my language, otherwise the blog would be sloppy.

I know I’m not good at grammar, I had a viral article there at medium.com and some editor whined that my grammar is not perfect, but the other editor came and told that my writing is good even with bad grammar. So anyway, sorry for bad grammar.

When I’m writing I focus on one paragraph at a time. Writing is cool, it gives the opportunity to connect with people. Also. I mentioned that I want to reach 100 unique visitors per day. Then I’ll turn on comments when I’m earning at least few bucks from this blog because now Akismet doesn’t allow free accounts on monetized blogs.

Okay, what else do I want to get of my chest.

People loved my Lithuanian audiobooks: Trys Drambliai and Kas yra Garetas? They said I should write more books. I could but I don’t see any profit in voicing books. Voicing a book costs 50-150€ and I don’t have this much money yet.

Also my friend traveled back to Sweden, I don’t know when he’s going to return. Maybe after 4 weeks, maybe more. I don’t know.

The weather is getting better here in Lithuania. People say they heard a thunder, but me personally I didn’t hear it. People say that true spring starts after first thunder. Probably the spring hasn’t started yet or I’ve missed the thunder.

Beer has got more expensive. Now in a Bar you have to pay 2€, that’s 7 litas and this shit is expensive. While in Portugal the price of beer in a bar is 0.50€. You can buy beer in Portugal and bring it here. Make 1.50€ profit from half a liter.

It’s strange to me how the price of beer is different in all countries. Isn’t the beer same to produce everywhere? By the way beer from the shop is bullshit. Beer powder with carbonated water equals modern beer.

I’m so nostalgic about old classic beer which is brewed. I want to drink real nice beer. Can somebody send me some? 🙂

Anyway. Since my blog is all over the place I want to get back to the topic.

When considering to start a blog, try to focus on work you’re going to do today and then the next day, and day after. You don’t have to be all over the place with your blog.

But before you start writing your blog. Pick a niche, so it would attract readers. There’s nothing worse than nicheless blog, but whatever. Your niche can be your life, your diary, your thoughts it doesn’t have to be all that business oriented, because people read literally everything.

See ya.

Long boring journey.

Blogging is a long journey when you’re not an expert in marketing.

Some people say it takes somewhat 4 years until the traffic builds up.

I for sure don’t know what to do with my blogs traffic but I believe you have to monetize your blog from day 1.

Your blog has to make money if you’re a serious blogger, because let’s admit – there are millions of blogs who don’t make any money.

Mine included. But I’ve monetized it anyway. Maybe some of you folks will by stuff I’m offering. Aweber, Bluehost, PropellerAds – Good stuff. Sure you can register without the affiliate link, but whatever – as long as my blog is monetized I’m happy with it.

Few posts back. I told that I’m only going to sell t-shirts, but my t-shirts aren’t with the best images – someday I’ll add more images to my t-shirts. But not right now.

Blogging is a long journey. Sure I’m only blogging 5 months. This has been a great journey so far.

My traffic, well not too shabby.

blog stats 5 months

I just want to remind that I don’t do any marketing to this blog. The only place my blog is mentioned is under my youtube video.

500 visits per 5 months. This means it’s 100 visits per month. Sure I got some bots visiting my website, but that’s okay until my website isn’t choked to death.

I like blogging very much, I can’t wait until I’m a full time blogger.

Currently I spend an hour per day on my blog. All that hour writing posts. With no marketing my blog will grow slowly. Because every successful blogger should do marketing.

In other words: marketing is essential for every successful blogger.

I wouldn’t be a blogger if I wouldn’t write. But since I love to write, I figured I should be a blogger. Besides this writing lifestyle is amazing.

I have so much stories under my sleeve.

I will blog until I’m full time blogger. I want to get paid to blog so bad.

Sure my stories aren’t what the web format is, but at least I’m somewhat original. I don’t want to write in my blog the same things everyone else is writing.

I want my blog to be a journey, where I share all the secrets because I’m an open person. I have no secrets.

I believe that blogging is a great opportunity for me to learn to write in English, a great opportunity to try out myself in sales. A great opportunity to watch my stats. Because man, if I’ll become someone I want to become a blogger.

Because blogging is the shit. Everybody’s a blogger these days and the competition is stiff, but man. I will outcompete all the bloggers with my style, sincerity, vulnerability and transparency.

I really want to make it big because I believe that I’m worth it.

Being a blogger means so much for me. It’s the ability to connect with people from around the globe. Sure I don’t want to be a guy who tells you how to blog, how to earn money online. I’ve earned some, but that was temporary. Man I earned from Lithuanian guys. And I believe earning from the world is a greater challenge.

But I want to note that I started blog not to earn but rather to connect with the world. This blog is my communication hub.

Sure maybe I’m not the best writer, not the best blogger, a poor marketer, but man I’m trying.

Plus, I’m not competitive.

If you can make a better blog than mine, please do so.

I’m not doing any blackhat tricks here. I’m not buying spam traffic, I don’t do any of this shit. I just wanted you to know that this blog will grow organically. I’m prepared to spend my time and effort to create good content for you guys.

I spend my days currently indoors. I do youtube and do this blog.

Sure my videos aren’t the best, but they got my unique style. I believe I rather fail in originality than do good imitating.

Anyway. The journey only begins. I won’t bribe you to subscribe to my blog. I won’t persuade you to by any of this. As long as you enjoy my content – I’m very grateful.

It currently doesn’t matter how many readers I have but I wanted to tell you that you’re great for reading my blog. I sure don’t want to disappoint you.

My current goal is to achieve 100 daily visitors without bots. I know it’s x10 of my traffic, but I believe I can achieve this number. It’s just a matter of time.

You know kindness and greatness spreads. I want to see you more often in my blog. I’m trying to do my best to update my blog at least one time a day. When I’m not burned out – I will update my blog at least once a day.

And when I’m in the mood. I will write longer posts like this one.

You know my life isn’t that interesting, but I’m striving to become a paid blogger. So I could let myself to go to restaurants and do food reviews, maybe occasionally go to the cinema and do a video review.

I currently live almost with no money and if you want to have an interesting life you have to make money. Everybody who’s without money will be just sitting indoors on their laptop.

That said. I want to tell that this will be a great journey. I plan to share my stats. My earnings if there will be any. I just want you to know that this blog should grow into a great business if we can call it that way.

I’m not a businessman, I’m a writer/blogger.

I hope to inspire you with my posts and to prove anyone out there that blogging isn’t dead and you can make money with it. I want to be the next Seth Godin, or Neil Patel but I’m not a big expert on online marketing. Probably should read those guys more often.

Anyway, this stuff will be great and I want to see you more often in my blog, so you wouldn’t miss any important or not important updates.

Currently my email subscription delivers one email per day. When I’m writing. And that email contains more than one update!

Sometimes I’m taking breaks from writing but I do so when I’m burned out. You know creating a lot of blog posts takes a lot of energy.

So don’t hesitate to subscribe and follow this blog’s journey.

I don’t plan to sell any memberships. I want all my content to be free, but of course as you know there’s nothing for free online.

Also as you follow my journey. I encourage you to start your own journey so you can compare your results to mine. This is optional.

Ok man, piece. See you next time.

You gotta be loved.

The thing is people gotta love what you do.

Changes are small that people won’t love what you do, if you show your work to enough people.

If few people see your work, then changes are big that people won’t love what you do.

Many people watch videos and read blogs which other people read.

It’s like the heard instinct. People go where other people go.

When creating art – your first step is to get recognition for what you do. If nobody recognizes your work this only means that not enough people saw your work.

Many people don’t know how to evaluate new emerging artists. Like I said, it’s the problem of the heard.

If the heard approves you then you’ll be rich and successful but when the heard fails to approve – you’re going to struggle big time.

The same goes for writers, musicians, singers – you gotta get the heard approval, you gotta be loved.

Bot traffic.

Few days ago I noticed slight up in the traffic.

Someone is sending bot traffic to my weblog.

Please don’t send a lot of users since my hosting can handle only 64 connections. Don’t choke my website.

My website isn’t a big deal, try to choke Facebook or Youtube, or Problogger.com or any other website but not mine.

When I’ll be rich you can send all the bots you want when my host is upped. Now just 64 connections and my website is choked to death.

Please let real users read my blog. Don’t choke my website.

I don’t need bot traffic since bot traffic isn’t helping me at all.

Let real users read my blog.

Thank you.

Don’t lose your faith.

When it comes to building something online you can lose faith due to insignificant traffic.

But I want to encourage you – don’t lose faith.

Keep building your blog, vlog, podcast – every day.

Losing faith is what will kill your online endeavor.

Keeping faith, keeping your belief is what will keep you going through tough times. And I want to note – that online business is a tough business. Because the competition is all the world.

People are literally fighting for views, likes and shares.

Keep your faith.

There’s no god who looks after your life.

The Earth is a big dump. People kill each other, people kill themselves.

The Earth is hostile by it’s nature and people go to pray to gods.

It’s funny how people believe in gods whilst this shit is happening.

You gotta be mentally damaged to believe in god.

The Earth is a filthy place with lots and lots of scum.

More people die – the better. More people out – more oxygen in.

Do you really believe there’s this god in the sky and he governs your life? Don’t be ridiculous. Here’s every man for himself.

We are wolves. The human is an beast and beasts kill each other.

Sales pitch.

Yesterday I got a sales pitch from one of Youtube’s editors.

He mentioned that he might make my videos go viral and he asked me 10€ per video.

At first I was like yeah great okay, but then I went to sleep to rethink things and I realized I need no editor.

Because I won’t get the money back from Youtube. Investing in ads when you sell nothing and investing in video editing is not worth it – when you have nothing to sell and monetization isn’t turned on.

I’ve tried investing in audiobooks. For one I paid 150€, for the next one 50€ and it didn’t bring me money. The same will be with video editing.

I just want to remind you, that you can spend any amount of money on your ‘product’ benefit, but I have experience that this shit ain’t going to work.

You don’t want to lose your money and you don’t want to ‘invest’ money into something that’s not going to bring you more money.

You don’t need to go viral, you need sales. I was viral – earned nothing.

Pick a thing and MASTER IT.

Picking things is a hard task.

Most people live ambitionless and goalless. Most of them won’t master anything in life.

Mastering a thing is a hard task.

I picked writing since it let’s me connect to people. I want to master writing but I’m far away from being a master at writing.

You see. We get paid for things we do on 10 out of 10. or 9.

Starting writing is very easy, but writing is the most hardest task to master. For one thing there’s a lot of competition. The second thing is that anyone who has a story can be a writer – in fact we live in the age of writers. Texting, anybody?

To earn money one has to be exceptional at one thing and has to be a master of the thing he chose.

That’s why I say. Don’t wait for things to happen by themself.

Pick as many things you can and try to find the one thing that is easy for you and hard for others and stick with it until you’re a professional.

It may take more than 10 000 hours to master a thing.

Be committed and never give up.

How to have a lot of creative energy.

I want to be honest. I do quantity because I have so much energy to create stuff. If I won’t I’ll explode from the inside.

Creative energy comes from KNOWING what you want and HAVING the ability to do so.

If I would go to pump iron. I would be miserable due to my improper diet. But when it comes to creating stuff – I have so much energy because I love what I do.

As I told before. I spend days crafting posts when I’m not doing anything else.

The thing is. Energy is vital for creativity. Sometimes there’s this period when you want to create something and nothing comes out.

I have these periods. Because when you have a lot of energy to create it’s easy to burn out. And I’ve been burned out many times.

Burning out simply means that you need to take a break from what you’re doing. Taking breaks is better than not taking breaks.

When you take a break, you sharpen your mind. Because let’s be honest writing is a mental task and pretty difficult task. But when you have a lot of things to tell and your passion chose you. You will be writing a lot.

To be frank writing is a dull mental work with lots of disappointment – you got to love misery if you want to be a writer. I haven’t seen a writer with a happy life. In fact I didn’t see any writers in my life and as it appears being a writer is very rare. Most people can’t produce shit, but they always brag how they could write books, and articles, and whatever – just to make you miserable.

Being a writer is a rare hobby. Being a good writer is a hard to master task. Because most of us aren’t pros and we are far away from being best sellers.

You become energized when you know what you want and you have the ability to do it. Period.

Anything I can do, you can do better.

I’m the worst person alive. I’m not greedy, I’m a giver.

But let me tell you this one thing. I’m good with computers, I’m a great troubleshooter.

You can be good with computers. The thing is – you just turn on that damn thing and you instantly know you’re going to be good with it.

I’m good at writing articles. When you write your first piece – it sucks, I know. But you can’t suck forever.

Anything I can do, you can do better.

Because I’m the worst person. If you feel like the worst person, then you’re second from me.

Some things take a lot of time. It took me couple of years to get good with computers, but I became good with computers because I was not afraid to fail and experiment. I got to this place because I always experiment.

Life has good things to offer, but we must be willing to take them. I’m willing to work hard to achieve my goals. Some things are harder than others but writing a piece of text is easy for me.

Some people turn on the screen and stare into the white screen. Me, I’m the opposite – I turn on the screen and realize that it will take a lifetime to write everything out.

And that’s interesting. Don’t look for your passion, let it find you and when it does – you will be bursting with energy, because every single thing you do bring you closer to your goal.

It’s a miracle that writing found me. I can sit at my desk and spend hours crafting a single post. But most of the time I spend couple of minutes writing a post, because I have so much to tell.

Anything I do – you can do better. I know this because I’m the worst person.

Law of attraction is bullshit, but bare with me.

You can come into terms with reality.

If you’ll do certain things daily, certain things will happen.

Imagine going to the gym and pumping that iron. You sure will build some muscle if your diet isn’t very poor.

The same goes with blogging, vlogging, writing, podcasting, cycling – just name it. If you do the thing you most desire to do – it will be done.

Thousands if not millions people start blogs in order to earn through them, but many people fail without success.

The competition is stiff, but show me a video on Youtube that has no views – every video has at least one view.

Law of attraction says that you need to visualise your goals, that you need to think constantly about your goal and envision everything – that’s bullshit. Because you won’t build any muscle if you won’t hit the gym.

This means, that in order to succeed we need to do few things and hope for the best. Life is tough. Life is unfair. Life is hard but don’t let it stop you from pursuing your dream. Better. Pursue opportunity.

Life has so much to offer, but we are the ones who have to stand up and take what belongs to us, but that’s easier said than done.

I found out that I’m good at writing articles. I will do it for the rest of my life, because I enjoy it, because it makes me fulfilled and besides you can make money writing articles – this is a win win win situation.

Bad writers don’t know what to talk about. Good writers know a lot of great stories.

Bare with me. You can’t attract anything sitting on the couch, but when you turn on your laptop – you got connections, you got the opportunities, you got the world on your desk.

Just try to create something you are good at and hope for the best.

Life is hard, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Never give up on your dream.

If you have a dream, like me, I want to be a blogger.

I’m pursuing this dream for many years and I don’t want to quit.

I ask myself: if I would achieve my goal would that be an interesting life to live? And the answer is yes, being a paid blogger would be an interesting life to live because I could do so much things.

Now I’m just sitting at my desk, thinking about blog posts to write, in other words brainstorming ideas.

You see, most people live miserable lives. Most people here in Lithuania are miserable and you have to make a dollar somehow.

Blogging is multibillion dollar industry, I sure want a cut from that.

Currently I’m just sitting in my flat, but I imagine that someday I’m a famous blogger – creating content for thousands people, travelling across the globe, visiting cafes, cinemas, and pouring all that into my blog.

With big power comes big responsibility.

I just wanted to tell, if your dream would be a life you would want to lead – never give up on your dream. Starve, but don’t give up.

If you want to be a singer, blogger, guitarist, painter or anything you can imagine – be, do the hard work and prove the world that you DESERVE to be what you want to be.

Making money is hard, that’s true, but living the dream is worth every breath you take.

I believe you could become anything you imagine if you just don’t give up and put in the work.

Many people are ambitionless, goalless, aimless and they drift through life – man, you can do better.

Maybe today’s hard, like for me it is, maybe today you’re singing in the basement, maybe today you’re practicing this skill which will blow the socks of people in the next decade.

Give your dream some time, to be exact all of your life. Pursue the dream until you’re dead.

Because living without the dream is life not worth living.


How people see you?

How people see you might be very different from the way you see yourself.

You can imagine yourself being the king of the world but if other people don’t see you this way – you won’t be the king.

Most important thing in life is this. It’s more important how people see you than how you see yourself – you may ask why?

Because you see. Success is a tricky thing people have to like you in order for your to be successful. Sure success takes time. Sure success takes a lot of work, but most importantly – people have to like you. Like your videos, like your blog posts, like your food pictures – whatever man. People have to LIKE.

If people see you as a miserable fuck and you see yourself as the most awesome guy – people will be right and you’ll be wrong.

The point of this story is that people have to like you in order for your to be successful. If people don’t like you – you can write thousands of books – nothing is going to work out.

Anyway. People care what other people think about them. Some people just create an image that they don’t care – but everybody does care what other people think about them.

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