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I’m not one of those guys who sell the ‘dream’. In fact, at this point I sell nothing.

Currently I’m a nobody and nobody knows me, just a bunch of people due to my vlogs.

When writing your diary online aka blog. You can take it to the next level.

Imagine you would go out to eat some food to the restaurants of your city – it would be interesting for tourists who visit your town.

Imagine you would go to the cinema – you could write a movie review.

Imagine you would go on a trip – this would be interesting too.

But the main obstacle here is money, because food outs, movies and trips cost money. I’m a nolifer not because I want it this way, but because I have no money. I’m on disability paycheck.

First I need to make 5$ a day, so I could go on and eat in restaurants and go to movies.

I bet blogging can make anyone’s life more interesting because while I’m sitting in my own room. I’m boiling in my own juice.

But making 5$ a day is not easy as far as I know. Because I need a stable income.

Some people know me. I’m a normal guy, but very unlucky with money

To write something interesting, one must lead an interesting life. When the life itself is not interesting – you can think so little by your own.

Before schizophrenia I had a normal life, but after 2012 my life fucked up so bad that I don’t have the will to reclaim the life I had.

I had more friends, more money – I could eat pizzas everyday.

Now it’s all gone and people make fun of me, wow, vygis, you’re just sitting at home and doing nothing.

You know, some people do what I do and earn money, while people like me do what other people do – and earn nothing.

I want an interesting life, but interesting life costs a lot of money.

I don’t get invited to parties and food outs – ya know.

If I would be invited, I didn’t have to pay for it.

But now, when I’m not famous and not rich – I have to sit at home… There’s so little you can do outside. Yeah I could go to the lake and make a swim but anybody can do that – that’s why it’s not interesting.

If you want an interesting life, you have to do what some people can’t. Sitting at home isn’t interesting because everybody can do it.

That said – your blog can create an awesome life because you would pursue interesting things.

Interesting things are things that other people can’t do.

Being a rockstar is interesting because most people can’t do it.

Being a youtuber is interesting because most people can’t make it.

Being a blogger is interesting because most people don’t do it.

Enough said.