You won’t be rich, unless.

If you’re like me an 30 old fart. And you sit without money. Great news for you. I have figured this out – you won’t be rich unless you change the routine.

I’ve been creating vlogs for over 4 years, they don’t do well now. I pissed off people with my controversy.

People got bored of the same background and the same old vygis.

Anyway. Then three months ago I started this blog. Hoping I could attract some followers from outside of my country. And as it looks, I haven’t, yet.

Most of my readership is still Lithuanian, I sure should do better at marketing but whatever man.

I’m doing this old stuff and it doesn’t bring me any cash. You know – everybody’s following the rich guys with interesting lives. Me, I’m fucking boring.

I figured out I should focus more on my blog than my videos. My videos are effortless and they don’t produce anything. Sure I earned couple hundreds euros, but now I earn nothing. My videos don’t have any ads. I just get 300-400 views a day. My videos are lame and youtube doesn’t market them.

Anyway. You are poor if you’re reading my blog. I know you’re poor, because rich people don’t read blogs like these – they read magazines to follow the real world events.

The problem here is that we’re old farts. At least I am. I’m 30. This year I will be 31.

During my life I was philosophizing about the cosmos and whatnot and really didn’t care about the money. But people change as they age.

And now I have this recurring thought about money. I need money, I need it badly.

Now I have to compete with all worlds bloggers, just to get the traffic. Man if it wasn’t for money I would live a wonderful life.

I know my videos won’t make me any buck. I should stop doing them, but some of my fans demand more. I sure can’t quit and maybe, just maybe, my youtube will take off. But I really doubt it.

When I’m poor – I can’t teach people about money, when I’m not successful – I can’t teach people about success. That’s why my stats are lame.

Since I’m a failure – I can teach people about failure.

I just keep trying and trying until something good will happen. I do blog, I do videos. But it’s not what the majority wants and since the majority isn’t attracted to my shit – minority can’t find what I’m offering.

You won’t be rich if you’ll continue living as you’re living. If the inside doesn’t change – the outside won’t change as well.

That’s the problem. Money is a difficult aspect. It’s really hard to make money when you don’t have anything to offer. A sale is simply an exchange. You can always make a dime if you have something to offer.

I had this watch and cyclists glasses. I put glasses for 10€ and a watch for free– people kept asking about the watch, but nobody wanted the glasses. You see, if you have something – don’t give it away for free.

My problem back in the day was, that I wouldn’t bother with sales. I just gave everything away. And now I don’t have money. Giving away for free isn’t worth it – because people don’t value what they get for free.

To be rich – you have to sell something. But when you’re out of resources – what will you sell? Knowledge sure sells good, but the web is oversupplied with knowledge – it will be really hard to sell it. Especially when you don’t have an established blog, like me.

If you don’t have an established position in some field – nobody’s going to buy your knowledge. Your knowledge will be worthless. Everybody’s buying from the experts. Sure you can be an expert if you know one more thing that your client. Sure you can be the expert, but personally me – I won’t buy from such expert.

I’m an expert on failure – I keep cycling in my head these thoughts: “why I am a failure?” Because I don’t work? Nonsense. Because I can’t produce value? Nonsense, I produce some value. Because I’m passive? Maybe, I sure could do better at marketing but I’m too lazy. Maybe I’m a failure, because I’m lazy? But man, I’m prolific when it comes to writing. Maybe my writing sucks because I don’t have an established position in any field. Maybe.

However I think. I’m still a failure. Although I’m successful by my own standards. It’s just a fact that people don’t take me seriously after all my jokes. But whatever man.

Being rich, being rich – being rich is very hard. It’s all I can say. Attracting that fucking dollar is hard. I can’t call myself an entrepreneur, a sales person, an author because I haven’t published any books – I just wrote them, so I can call myself a writer.

Writing is interesting but it doesn’t yield me any money, that’s the problem with writing. I don’t write for other folks. When I write some shit to other folks I earn 15€ per 500 word article. This is good money because you can write such article in one hour if you don’t have to do any research. But when I write for myself, I earn jack’s shit.

Being rich has to do something with extraordinary skills. If you won’t develop any skills to an extraordinary level – forget about being rich, just forget about it.

I’ve been writing for 7 years almost daily, I haven’t learned anything. Writing is easy to start but it’s really hard to master that’s why it’s a big challenge.

Writing is hard to master that’s why I love it. I just get drawn to writing. I’m a good writer because I always have something to say. At least I think I do. It’s for you to judge if my crap is worth writing, but if I won’t write my garbage nobody will. Epic shit is still shit – you know.

For a person who has no resources and any extraordinary skills the only thing left to do is to sell time, but time is precious, you’d better think how to acquire time.

I never worked in my life because I knew few things. Selling your time is stupid and the other thing I’ve learn from Rich Dad Poor Dad is that to work on something you have to own it.

I own my blog, so I can spend my time building it even when it’s a long boring journey. Writing in fact is a long boring journey. Most of the time it’s very disappointing. But whatever.

What’s left to do when I’m living this boring life – just to write assumptions about it, because I probably don’t have the real knowledge.

I don’t want to sell my time to strangers. I don’t know them.

Anyway, when it comes to building a ‘business’ the first thing is to own the ‘business’ the second thing is to invest whatever you can into the ‘business’. If you don’t have money – invest your time.

It’s hard to say if it’s worth to put all eggs into one basket. I bet it’s not. But I have no choice. I just say this thing – if after 20 years I won’t earn anything. This means blogging is a really bad way to make money.

If I won’t make anything, at least 5$ a day then writing and philosophy is a bad career choice.

Also you have to have some positivity about your endeavours. I’m a pessimist and a negative person but somehow I have some positivity into blogging. I don’t know how and why.

Some things just choose us, don’t they?

If we can’t make riches then at least let’s be honest about it and let’s fail with originality.