Writing Improvement Software

Yes people, I know I need to make money but I’ve tried every scheme possible.

I just can’t make money online.

It would be great if I could catch some money with my web projects. But with a blog it’s way harder than with youtube. My blog gets no traffic. Well, maybe 10 visits a day. It’s doing worse than my Lithuanian blog.

Over two years of writing Lithuanian blog I got stable 10 visits and it had only 300~ posts, while this blog has more posts and it has less views.

It’s ridiculous how Google doesn’t drive traffic.

I put on Youtube random video it gets somewhat 50 views, while I put a post on this blog it gets zero views.

I’m not sure but I doubt that blogging has to be this long boring journey.

But as far as I noticed, I’ll be on a long boring blogging road.

Some guys said SEO is dead but I never did SEO, I just wrote my crap to people.

As far for my stats, people read my blog – the problem is that there’s not a big bunch of people.

Anyway, I believe after 20 years of blogging I won’t make a dime.

I know this because my blog isn’t the web format. People like how to’s and informative posts. Mine are neither.