Xeplion injection and dentist.

Today I got to got to make my monthly Xeplion 100 mg injection and at the same day I got to go to the dentist, the problem that injection is at 12.20 and the dentist is at 16.30. I sure don’t want to go twice to the clinic.

I have two choices to solve this problem.

  • Go and make my injection and then wait and hope somebody will miss his schedule.
  • Go and make my injection and then go back home and then go back to the clinic at 16.30.

Probably I will wait, because really walking two times is nonsense.

PS. Some young people tell me and make fun of me because I sit at home, but wait till you get older (30) and then look at yourself – what will you be doing? I bet you’ll be working and then sitting at home. Just because most of my friends scattered. All what’s left are drinking people.

PPS. Call a drinking person and you’ll end up drinking.

Gubernija Kvietinis

PPPS. Yesterday I had one liter of “Gubernijos Kvietinis” beer. It was good, over period of 2 months I drank beer just three times and it was not excessively.