Wishing for a different life.

It’s easy to wish.

Don’t we all wish that our lives were different?

Fact is that you can wish as long as you want. Different life takes different actions.

The first thing I was told to do is raise my standard of life.

I really didn’t get what I should do to raise my standard.

As a matter of fact I’m a lazy and passive guy. I like my life but I wish I would earn more online. Now it’s just 2€ per month. This is ridiculous.

I always wanted to earn money online, but it appeared to be harder than I anticipated.

I’m really out of options. My home country pays minimum wage just 400€ it’s not enough to live a decent life, when the prices are so high.

We’re joking here in Lithuania, my home country, that prices are European and the wage is Lithuanian.

Man, I wish I could earn online, but apparently it’s not going to happen.

I’ve been doing things online for 6 years, can you imagine. I earned, well, not a lot. I earned, over my life time, a computer through the web and earning through the web seemed promising.

It’s just that creating value is really hard. Sure I can’t create a computer by myself, but I can knit a scarf, but the market is oversupplied with clothes, who’s going to buy my scarfs?

Yeah, right – nobody.

naked butt

Have a great day.