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Smart people took all of our resources and made us buy them.

The place is sure abundant, but why then we have commercials of fast credit and quick loan. This means that people don’t have money.

Imagine a business where you give money for more money. These kind of businesses should be prohibited.

Wherever you look, you find a quick loan button if you can’t afford a product. Fast credits are everywhere these days.

There’s a conspiracy, how can the 10% of people have 90% of money and 90% of people only 10% of money. This is pure nonsense.

When you want to catch some fish, you gotta pay for the license.

Soon you’ll have to pay for a license to pick mushrooms and other gatherable goods. I bet some countries have it already.

As well as smoking, medics say smoking kills and smokes are still in the shop, nobody can sue them, nobody can destroy them.

The place is abundant and still many people live in scarcity, it’s because major companies hold all the resources. Karl Marx criticized capitalism, saying the we build products and then they are taken away from us and then we have to buy them with the same money that we earned. Some people like my capitalism criticizing.

Capitalism is nonsense because you have to be permitted to work, without permission to work – you are somehow prohibited to work.

One day my brother said: I don’t want to work and they employ me to work hardly. This is the truth, capitalism encouraged competition while we would be better of collaborating towards greater good and the resources should be shared as Jacque Fresco said.

The smart men take all the resources. Money system is a big scam which supports only the rich.