Writing Improvement Software

If you’re stuck like me – you’re always thinking what to do, what to do to earn some money?

But this is a never ending cycle of questions that have no answer.

The answer is obvious. Create value, but then the next question arises – how?

How do I create value without selling my soul, without being a sellout?

The unemployment problem there is.

How do you create value – when you have nothing to offer.

The society is made that way. That the only freedom is watching TV, surfing the web on your PC or your smartphone.

Many people don’t even realize. That this is some sort of a prison.

Do people choose to live in the screen or are they forced to live this way?

Sure the screen gives you access to the matrix, but do you need that matrix?

It’s good when you earn through the matrix, but what if you’re just a consumer?

Nowadays consumers earn nothing, consumers spend money on things producers create. Is it bad to spend money? No it’s not.

But many producers don’t earn money. The problems is that the web, the matrix, is oversupplied with garbage. Because if you’re like me – you know that producing good content is really hard.

If you’re writing – you know that you need a lot of knowledge, to create something decent.

If you’re doing video and audio – you know that it requires huge set of technical skills. Therefore it’s hard. It’s sure easy to create videos like I do, but if you want something more serious – you gotta have those skills.