Video games are huge time wasters.

When I played GTA4, my godfather told me that I should build something in the real world, instead of spending my time in a fictional world.

At first I didn’t realize what he meant, but now after playing Soda Dungeon. I realized that I spend 30 minutes in game, with that time I could craft a blog post and little by little move to my final goal which is making money online.

I know making money online is hard, you have to persuade people to buy your stuff, but man I think I could craft a lot of blog posts in my blog and then maybe add some Google Ads.

Anyway, back to games.

I spent ten years playing diablo 2, well ten years with brakes. Can you imagine what I’ve could build during that time? I was young and stupid.

You can be awesome in games with great gear and shit, but in life you’re just a miserable fuck – back in the day there was no twitch, no youtube, no Google – nothing. Just diablo 2.

Back in the day I didn’t know how to start a blog, but if I knew – I could be rich by now. Imagine ten years of building a blog. Can you imagine?

Ten years is a long period of time.

Sure I don’t want to say anything if you’re a professional gamer, but if you read my blog I doubt it.

Games suck time like crazy.

Imagine you spend 60$ on domain name and then write your fucking blog.

I don’t believe that blogs are dead.

Whenever I search something on the web – I end up in a blog.

Blogs take a long period of time to build.

If I had my knowledge that I have now, back in the day – I’d be rich by now. Well. My goal with the internet is 200€ per month. This isn’t as big as it seems.

I believe I can make 1000 pageviews per month. I don’t know.

If I’ll never quit, I should make it.

But man 10 years wasted on a game. I sure got some experience from it both in game and off game.

I wish I could bring back time.

Besides, watching movies is a time waste too, because you spend 2 hours in a fictional world of fantasy.

After I got sick with schizophrenia I no longer watch movies, because movies take so much time. The best thing is to listen to music and make your blog come true.