The odds are against you.

If you’re somewhat a new blogger like I am – you should know that the odds are against you.

There’s so much of blogs and most of them are writing the same exact thing.

Beauty blogs, blogs on blogs. Everybody’s with a marketing plan, with content strategy.

You have no change in beating and succeeding. It’s nearly impossible for a new inexperienced blogger to make it.

Sure you can write in your own sandbox, like me. But chances of succeeding are very slim.

It’s good when people pick you, but most won’t because there’s an established blog in every single field: from philosophy to penis implants. And the world is printing 1,000,000 posts a day, if not more.

The chance of succeeding is slim. But what should you do? Do you give up on your dream to be this new rockstar blogger? I bet you don’t want to give up.

I know I don’t to give up.

Do you play the game when the odds are against you? The game is sure rigged.

You should play the game and see what happens for yourself. Some people say it takes 4 years before you start to see web traffic.

Let’s play this little sneaky game called blogging. Maybe we’ll be successful, but most likely not.