Writing Improvement Software

If you’re like me – you’re stuck in a routine.

You wake up, light that cancer stick, make some coffee, and sit down on your chair, tune on the laptop and then you enter the matrix.

When you’re in the matrix – you have several options to do: consume and produce.

If you’re a consumer – that’s fine with me.

If you’re a producer – you have several options to produce: audio, video, image and text.

Nonetheless this post isn’t about that.

I want to tell you that routines can produce wonders or make disasters.

If you’ve been in a routine lately – you gotta check it out is it productive or not.

People have told for years. If you want different results – you gotta do different set of actions.

If you’re like me – you’re stuck in a routine. Stuck in life.

Even though each time it’s a different post – you’re basically doing the same thing over and over. Rich guys do the same routine.

But what’s the difference between you and the rich guy? If you’re both making the same step over and over.

Difference is only this: you have no recognition in the field. Rich guys have – you don’t.

What do you do? Do you continue down this path or not?

Of course you do, if you want to become an expert someday.

Today bloggers are called influencers. But you’re a poor influencer if you’re influencing just one person.

Being an influencer is easy – you just create, post, repeat. As long as it takes.

Some people like Alex Gerasimenko tell that success takes 8 years. It might be true – I don’t know.

Can you do your routine for 8 years?