Simulation Theory Debunked – Must read

Simulation theory debunked

Let’s get simulation theory debunked. I’m a big fan of simulation hypothesis and I usually say that we live in the matrix.

But what if we don’t live in the matrix? What’s then?

Simulation Theory Debunked

I’m a big lover of simulation theory. I always believed that there’s something strange about this world. There’s a lot of coincidence going on.

Love. Peace and let’s get simulation theory debunked.

Do you believe you’re living in the matrix? Does it feel like it?

I’m sure not, if it does – you must be suffering from derealization of reality.

When it comes to simulation hypothesis. I can assure you – that really nobody knows if we are living in a simulation. Sure it’s not a computer simulation run by AI.

Imagine a world, where we all run as simulations – it would be ridiculous.

Doesn’t matter what the scientists say. You can’t test reality for non locality.

Everything we see, feel, and taste is electrical signals interpreted by our brains.

What is real? And what is not?

Does your pain not seem real enough? I bet it does.

The problem with simulation hypothesis is that we don’t really know if we are living in a simulation. You can’t test simulation hypothesis with math or philosophy or whatever. Sure there is some sort of matrix – a place where something develops.

Sure nature is a lot like a simulation. Everything works on it’s own.

But you have to remember one thing. Whenever you see an object moving by itself with no interaction from you – you then know it’s a system, a matrix.

When it comes to thinking that we are living in a computer – it’s nonsense.

We sure don’t live in a computer, but we might be living in a simulation.

That said, why don’t you want to believe – that we are in the  matrix?

We aren’t living in a computer!

Here’s the problem. The computer is invention of the humanity. The place where the simulation is run, is way more advanced that our computers. Nobody in the humanity would bother to create such a detailed simulation like life is. I bet nobody would bother.

When people talk about simulation theory, they moved words from god to AI, to simulated world from true world. Because when we look back in time we see that Plato was talking about the matrix, but he at that moment didn’t have words like these to use.

Matrix is a wonderful movie. It sure is a cultural phenomenon.

If we are living in the matrix, why can’t we quit whenever we want without suicide.

Everyday I wake up in the same room. If life would be a game it would had more joy. But life is clearly not a game. The simulation itself is detailed. I don’t know if any mortal would bother to create such a detailed simulation. Even games like Grand Theft Auto 5 have details, but those aren’t that detailed.

If life is a video game or a simulation – it sure is made perfectly, but not all lives are perfect.

A person thinking that he lives in a computer – must be nuts.

He sure spends a lot of time with his computer. I used to think I live in the matrix, but after many years of thinking about the matrix – I say – so what?

If we’re living in the  matrix or not – it doesn’t change a thing. Tomorrow you’ll have to wake up and go to work, or to school, or somewhere.

That said, the matrix might be real and there’s nothing to debunk.