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If you’re like me – you’re waiting for the next opportunity to come.

But the problem is that nobody’s going to pick most of you. Some will be picked by the society to do the work – but most won’t.

I’m out of options. Nobody’s going to pick me.

What should I do?

I should stand up and look at my competence – what do I know how to do?

If I’m a writer – I’m going to start a blog. As you see – I did.

I’m not going to wait for opportunities to come my way, because let’s admit it – no opportunities are coming. There’s no person around the corner waiting for me, he’s not going to offer me anything.

If I’m good at something, which in fact I’m not.

I’m not going to wait for an email from certain publications with an invite to write for them, because this isn’t happening.

The web gives us the ability to speak, but how many people are there willing to listen as we speak? I bet not a lot.

Nobody’s going to pick you because the world is full of more competent people.

As I look into the world – I see competent people, doing competent things.

I’m not competent to run for president, I’m not competent to rule the world, I’m even not competent to write for any publication.

But I won’t wait for somebody to offer me something – because it ain’t happening.

The person, has to pick himself, but it’s not enough to pick yourself. However I look at blogosphere I know that people have to pick you.

There are thousands of millions voices shouting into the void and waiting to be picked.

As if the success is around the corner, but in fact – there’s nobody waiting.

Nobody’s waiting for your new post, new video, new podcast, new whatever.

Because the web is oversupplied with talented voices.

I’m not a talented writer – nobody’s going to pick me, I just can pick myself.

When I pick myself – I’m out there to be discovered, but nobody going to discover me – because there is nothing to discover – just me.