Most successful people will feed you bullshit.

Many people envy successful people because everybody wants to be successful.

Like Bob Proctor, he talks about law attraction. That you just have to reprogram your subconscious mind.

His talks sure are interesting, but he’s an author and authors have to have some twisted thing like mysticism.

Bob Proctor believes that a phone is just a vibration, in fact everything is made out of vibration and you have to align the vibration to the thing you want.

No better way to be successful than to talk convenient lies to people.

All this self help crap is for losers like me, because we like when somebody tells us that we can do something if we truly want.

If law of attraction is true – I should be rich by now, because I was thinking about riches all my life, but I didn’t know what to do to get rich – shouldn’t I just attract money, or business idea, or something to be rich? It’s law of attraction… isn’t it?

Many successful people don’t care about the vibrations, they even don’t know how to use a computer or smartphone properly. They sure don’t care about Bob’s nonsense. But since Bob earns a lot of money, his nonsense helps people, right? Or maybe people just want to feel good during his courses.

He says, that everything was here and is here, the place is abundant. But back in the day when I was a kid, there were no computers, no cellphones. People back in the day had to struggle for survival. Now it’s 100+ years when Europe doesn’t think about its survival. Even when the elements of computers and cellphones were here, they had to be found and rearranged to build such systems.

If people would just sit and dream about vibrations, nothing would be invented. Knowledge is obtained by doing, testing, thinking and sacrifice. It would be easy if you could pray to Jesus and the required item popped out of nowhere, then it would be easy.

The think and you’ll get approach is such a scam for stupid people like me. I always fall for that, there’s nothing easier than hope, belief. In fact, belief is not thinking. Belief is a pleasurable experience, while thinking is hard.

I just want to tell you – don’t fall for this think and you’ll get everything you want, because I was doing it for years and I’ve got nothing.

Law of attraction simply doesn’t work. How much time you got to spare before you give up believing all that nonsense. Year? Two? Ten years?

If you want something with the law of attraction – you’d better hope for the rest of your life.

Let’s say it simple. Imagine that I want a blog but if I never sit down to write one – I will never ever have a blog. The same with law of attraction, you just can’t sit around idle and hope miracles will happen. Sure something might happen due to chance. But leaving your life to chance is kinda risky.

The law of attraction, the secret, is opium for the people.

You see, when people hear pleasant things they get attracted to the speaker, but when somebody tells something to the people which is not pleasant, they automatically get distracted from the person. I know this because I speak and write controversy for years.

That said, don’t be fed by bullshit.