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We’re all connected to the matrix, at least most of us.

If you have the connection – you sure aren’t homeless.

The connection let’s us to be connected with the world, we sure don’t want to miss out on important things in the world.

But what if, the plan is to make us as prisoners.

They print the money, they create gadgets, the have psychologists and they know that we don’t want to miss out on important things.

They want to create a prison where you’re a slave due to your desires. Sure sitting and waiting to be fed is not an option.

And most of the time it’s a difficult to solve problem.

What do you do? How do you escape the prison? The prison sure is not an invisible one.

They give you a fictional world of warcraft, where you can evolve.

No wonder the gaming industry is big because most people choose to do things on the screen – rather than in real life.

The connection to the matrix gives you opportunity to get your voice heard, but most of us are speaking into the void. A place where only the strong opinions are heard.

You sure can’t ask for money here – you got to earn it.

But money is printed for us by them, and they print as much as they want of it.

It would be great – if you could print your own money and you didn’t have to work.

The government is run by smart men, sure you won’t outcompete them with your wisdom.

How do you escape the prison?