Mad at ‘dream’ salesmen.

Yeah you heard me right. I’m mad at ‘dream’ salesmen.

Those guys want you to envy their life and then they’ll give you the secret lifestyle formula.

Man, not everybody can live the ‘dream’ lifestyle and sure you can’t buy one.

I heard numerous of stories, where people by the ‘dream’ and get nothing – just lose their cash.

Once I found this secret formula, how to make money on teespring, the guy was just selling 1-2 t-shirts a day and he made a course on it. A fucking ridiculous course, a webinar on udemy.

It’s the same as me making a course, how to sell 5 book copies on kindle. Man it’s the same.

Some people get lucky by chance. Others work hard to get lucky.

If I would be making cash from my blog, sure I would tell you how I make that money, because you couldn’t repeat my success. What’s success for one man is failure for the other.

I’ve seen countless of bloggers who blog more than 10 years they earn jack’s shit.

As yann said, only 1% of creatives earns money, the other 99% are producing what the market doesn’t want.

Blogging doesn’t have to be this long boring journey. But for most folks it will be. It’s just math.

I saw stories, where people are getting a lot of traffic in their first month from Google, sure they did a good SEO, but you won’t make it. It’s just math.

Blogging is a billion dollar industry, as John Chow said somewhere in his video.

But John is selling the ‘dream’.

When the market is oversupplied, all whats above the demand is useless and nobody cares. That’s why it’s hard to blog for profit.

Those experts say, that it’s easy, but I’ve been writing for years, elsewhere, and all I got is clicks – not profit.

Building your tribe of loyal followers is hard, and if he’s a follower it doesn’t mean he’ll buy something from you or donate to you. They want your free stuff.

The moral of this story is that there are no shortcuts or secrets to making a fortune. I wish there was but there isn’t.

I’ve been looking for easy money 10 years, while I surfed the web while being a nolifer – I found no easy money. Making money is hard, well, for me it is.

Maybe there’s are guru’s who make a lot of money easily, I bet there are, but to make a lot of money easily – you have to create a lot of value for your client. And creating value is the hardest part because most people are incapable, that’s why the majority is the middle class.

When you have nothing to offer, you can offer information – stuff which is in your head. But you might have a lot of knowledge, you can pack it into an info product, but show me a niche where there is no competition? If there’s no competition – you knowledge is valueless.

One person told me, that my knowledge on blogging is valuable, but I don’t want to write shit everybody else is writing. There’s enough blogs on blogs – believe me.

unpleasant truths and comforting lies

Everybody cares about sweet lies and nobody cares about the uncomfortable truths.

Statement that we all can be successful is a false statement. When two players play a chess game, there’s just one winner and the other is a loser. They both can’t be successful because a draw is not an option.

Unpleasant truths are not popular because they are unpleasant and make you uncomfortable. Everybody’s seeking for pleasure these days.

I’ve been writing about the truths of life, that made me very unpopular amongst people. The world would be a better place if there was collaboration instead of competition and the resources would be shared – this is what Fresco told throughout his life. But as he told, he could not get to people.

In true nature, the place we are living in is hostile. Every predator sees us as food, but my story isn’t about that.

Lies give you comfort. Would you buy a promise, that you’ll live a wonderful life? How ever we look at promises. This promise is a biggie. That’s why guru’s have a big following, that’s why millionaires have a big following – because they promise that someday you’ll be a successful and enlightened millionaire, if not billionaire.

This is the story, as it follows, despite countless books on money and enlightenment people still need guidance. There in fact isn’t any secret methods. Most people whom I know are simply incapable of being rich. They don’t have the talent. And if a person can’t be rich, he’ll go on a spiritual path. If you see a billionaire driving a lamborghini and you are living in a barrel – this can rise a few questions about your life. Why the fuck the world is unfair? It’s fair in theory that all men and women are equal, sure we’re equal on papers.

But people get born with different skill sets, different capabilities and different understanding of the world. We can tell that we are born to be rich, or we are taught to be rich. Anyway. I got a guitar. I sure spent a lot of time learning it, but I don’t play like jimi hendrix. The same with your ‘dream’ life.

Just so you heard, how jimi plays

Anybody can tell you do this, do that and you’ll be living the ‘dream’, but doing it is way harder than telling. Telling is easy – you just tell.

Many people can’t quit smoking, including me, and we wish we will be rich someday. It’s ridiculous.

I have to admit, I’m incapable to be rich, because I can’t produce anything good and valuable. If you’re reading my blog – you too are stuck in the same boat as me.

But I can tell you – if you can’t pick up an apple, you got to create the apple.

Money in fact is grown on trees. If one apple is 1 cent. You can grow some cash on it. Money is made out of trees and people print as much as they want and desire. There will never be a shortage of money because the place if abundant.

The problem is that some people live in scarcity despite that the place is abundant. If you live in America – you see that shops are full of everything, even here in Lithuania shops are with goods and are abundant of everything.

The problem here is that people who live in scarcity can’t produce anything the market wants.

I chose blogging as an occupation, because I can produce texts. They cost me nothing to produce and maybe someday, somehow, I will be paid for the effort I do. The problem with text is that you write for one person and the same effort goes when you write for one million people. People choose on their own what to read and what not to read. It’s their task.

There are a lot of people who speak in English and I bet some folks would love to read my blog.

Anyway, the ‘dream’ is that someday, somehow, someway, you’ll be living like a enlightened billionaire, but why not today? What’s the problem with living today?

You should live your life today, because tomorrow might never come.

We might not even become what we want to become. That’s the problem.

You don’t have to buy the ‘dream’, you have to build it.