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It’s not enough to dream about a wonderful life.

You have to do something about it.

But it’s hard, It’s a hard problem to solve.

Yesterday my acquaintance asked me how I survive as a nolifer.

I told him, when I lay in bed, I think “how cool that I have a roof over my head“.

I’m happy that I don’t sniff jet fuel and don’t lay on a dump.

It’s not enough to wish about happy life, sure you don’t need to settle for what you have, but you need to be grateful.

Many people live worse than me and they live. Humans can live in very poor conditions.

I sure live better than people in Africa or India.

My life is wonderful, when I think about it. But when I compare to other lives – sure I’m a miserable underachiever but whatever man.

True life is rare, mediocre lives are common.