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The problem with the web is that it’s oversupplied with garbage. Even with quality content – it’s oversupplied.

People here and there write posts, articles, press releases.

And there’s this guy, he wrote 11,000 posts.

Many bloggers play the numbers game, when in fact it’s not the numbers that count but rather the impact made by those numbers.

Since I’m a prolific writer I can make 11,000 posts in five years, maybe a bit more.

The problem is that your content has to reach people.

There’s nothing worse than a blog post which is not read by people. Sure at first nobody reads it, but when you have written 11,000 posts and nobody knows who you are. Well, that’s a problem.

Why waste your prolific gift when you can be doing something else.

The same is with me – I’m prolific. I sure want people to read my stuff, but people choose what to read themselves. I’m not forcing this piece of text into your throat. You chose it yourself.

I remember the days, when bloggers wanted just to connect with people, now bloggers want to earn money. Earn money from your pocket.

I’m kinda an old school blogger. I want to connect with people.

But today, when the web is oversupplied it’s hard to connect. In fact it’s harder than ever to find a face that wants to listen. Everybody’s busy, looking for the next great thing.

But in fact, I know from myself, despite thousands of millions voices it’s hard to find gold online. Google does a different job. It’s a search engine, not a find engine.

You can’t find anything on Google unless you search for it. Google isn’t a find engine.

In fact we need a system which would find those 11,000 blog posts.

I found just by accident. As John Biggs told most of the stuff you write online isn’t read by anyone.

The problem – is obvious – people can’t find anything online, just the trends.

Why I haven’t heard about you John Biggs?

Where can I find the 11,000 posts?