Fuck the guitar and music composition.

So I bought the guitar after 7 years break, when I stopped smoking for a month.

And whenever I take that guitar – I have this feeling, man fuck the guitar.

I have absolutely no joy in playing instruments.

I had joy back in the day, but when I noticed that I’m doing very poor with guitar, I said to myself fuck it.

I was composing music back in the day. You can check it out here.

And at some point it occured to me, why the fuck I should bother creating music when I can tune into any composition and listen to it – every composition is made better than I could ever produce.

My compositions suck and is more of a joke than real music.

People who create good music have great talent, because I can’t play the guitar and I can’t compose music 😭. All I can do is write posts and whine. 😎