Experts around…

There are many experts who can teach and guide you and they can help solve your problems.

That said, everybody today is an unqualified expert.

Surprisingly everybody wants to help you. They truly can solve your problems, well at least they try.

I have to note that most people are in fact not smart people, me included.

This would be as if I was teaching you how to survive gonorrhea or syphilis. Of course I haven’t got these diseases, but I’m an expert.

One person yesterday told me to take to take a holistic approach towards my disease, as if the meds were just a business to keep people sick. I’m not a big believer ir holistic approaches.

Why would they invest billions of dollars into creating a drug, when you just can pray to jesus and all of your problems will go away?

I just want to tell that some people might be not so smart.

Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the majority.