Don’t measure your knowledge.

Sure you can measure your knowledge with Jacque Fresco.

But you have to remember that he lived to 101 year.

You just can’t measure your knowledge with old guys. Old guys have experience whilst young men have ambition and innovation and most importantly time.

If I would compare my knowledge with Jacque. I would feel so stupid.

But whatever Fresco ran out of time, I believe he was an Utopist.

I watched a lot of Fresco’s videos on the ‘future’ and he seemed so promising.

I just want to note that if people like Jacque Fresco haven’t changed anything, so we all won’t change anything too. It sucks I know, but we, the young, are the futures ruling class. The young people are the future.

I wonder what will the future bring to us, but if my life won’t change after 50 years, because I plan to live to 102 years. Then man, fuck all this world changing stuff.

To change the world – you have to be very influential and have the $$$.

Money doesn’t make the world turn, but money makes people build awesome things. As if money would be something in a rat wheel – constant motivation.

Sure I would be happy with money, but since I have none – whatever. Probably I won’t be rich ever.

So yeah, man, there are smart people out there and comparing your knowledge is like nonsense. Let the smart people invent the future – while we, the ‘normal’ guys do the dull stuff.

Ask yourself: If I’m so smart, why do I have a boss?

Because the boss probably is smarter than both of us.