Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking.

So I watched Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking video.

As I watched the video – I didn’t want to smoke, but as soon as the video ended.

I reached for the cigarette, lit it up and took some deep puffs.

Fuck Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking, but I choose to smoke, because there’s no easy way to quit smoking. If there was – nobody would smoke.

Anyway, the video didn’t help me.

Few days ago I wrote that I will quit with Champix, but I did some consideration and I choose to die from smoking. Anyway – who cares about my health? Nobody, I might get hit by a bus, or maybe I’ll go insane.

Who cares? Nobody.

Soon I’ll grab another cigarette, because smoking is an addiction, but nobody would smoke if it was easy to quit.

I choose to not get bothered by smoking. I don’t want to bother my mind if I’m a smoker or not. Smoking is cool and being antisocial is cool.

The video didn’t help me. You can unbrainwash me.