This means, you 10X your goals.

It’s hard to create one decent post. Why would we bother creating 10X of lame posts?

It’s not the count that matters, but the impact you make with your work.

Shouting into the void is easy. But the void doesn’t care if you shout 10X or 100X, the void is there to be filled.

Many expert bloggers say that you have to have a reader persona, but I ignore that rule because I’m speaking to the void.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you’re putting into your work. Nobody cares about the effort. Everybody cares about end product.

That said, nobody sees how much effort is put into one piece of work.

You can 100x or 10x or 1x. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re prolific.

Nobody can compete with prolific writers, but that’s not the point.

The point is the impact which is made by your work.

Is it okay to impact just one person? Yes and no.

Because working with print is the same work.

If you have something to offer. You want to offer your one print to as many people as you can. Because if you’ll focus just on one person – you’ll do work for one person.

Working with print is awesome, because it takes the same amount of work.

You can focus on writing to one person, but you can get 10 and 100 more readers.

You want to 10X your impact, not your effort.