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Day: February 10, 2019

You don’t have to pay anyone to have a blog.

Sure you have to get a hosting and a domain name which costs 60€ per year.

But in core essence there are marketers who sell you the ‘dream’.

I wanted to tell you that there are no systems to earn online – nobody’s going to give you a bulletproof system which will generate income by itself.

The fact, that this world is dynamic and if one person is successful it doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

That said, I don’t want you to pay anyone to start a blog because there are no systems.

There’s this one thing though, people are gonna love what you write or they won’t – this is plain simple.

People have various problems in their life and a blog should solve those problems, but in other cases people just want to get their info – so the best blogs in the field are informative blogs which informs readers about something.

The other blogs are entertainment blogs and diaries – nobody will read your diary because it’s not informative and it’s probably not entertaining.

So before you start your blog think about the needs of your audience. For example my blog is not targeted to anybody and for sure you can expect poor results from Google and elsewhere. My blog doesn’t get traffic – I don’t know why but maybe because there’s oversupply of blogs.

That’s why blogging is so hard – the competition is stiff, but you don’t have to pay anybody to have a successful blog. Since there’s an oversupply of information – you can get all the information for free. Because people who have not a big following tell all the secrets.

You don’t want to fall for marketers who sell you the ‘dream’. All they do is sell the ‘dream’ that’s how they’re making their money – by selling ‘dreams’.

Video games are huge time wasters.

When I played GTA4, my godfather told me that I should build something in the real world, instead of spending my time in a fictional world.

At first I didn’t realize what he meant, but now after playing Soda Dungeon. I realized that I spend 30 minutes in game, with that time I could craft a blog post and little by little move to my final goal which is making money online.

I know making money online is hard, you have to persuade people to buy your stuff, but man I think I could craft a lot of blog posts in my blog and then maybe add some Google Ads.

Anyway, back to games.

I spent ten years playing diablo 2, well ten years with brakes. Can you imagine what I’ve could build during that time? I was young and stupid.

You can be awesome in games with great gear and shit, but in life you’re just a miserable fuck – back in the day there was no twitch, no youtube, no Google – nothing. Just diablo 2.

Back in the day I didn’t know how to start a blog, but if I knew – I could be rich by now. Imagine ten years of building a blog. Can you imagine?

Ten years is a long period of time.

Sure I don’t want to say anything if you’re a professional gamer, but if you read my blog I doubt it.

Games suck time like crazy.

Imagine you spend 60$ on domain name and then write your fucking blog.

I don’t believe that blogs are dead.

Whenever I search something on the web – I end up in a blog.

Blogs take a long period of time to build.

If I had my knowledge that I have now, back in the day – I’d be rich by now. Well. My goal with the internet is 200€ per month. This isn’t as big as it seems.

I believe I can make 1000 pageviews per month. I don’t know.

If I’ll never quit, I should make it.

But man 10 years wasted on a game. I sure got some experience from it both in game and off game.

I wish I could bring back time.

Besides, watching movies is a time waste too, because you spend 2 hours in a fictional world of fantasy.

After I got sick with schizophrenia I no longer watch movies, because movies take so much time. The best thing is to listen to music and make your blog come true.


Tried to render a video.

Anyway, I tried to render a video and it got so bad.

22 second video should render for 7 hours, man this is ridiculous.

I wanted to do a video with a lake in the background.

I used some AI green screen app and it wen’t bad.

I rendered 52 frames and then figured I should turn on some music and then the app crashed. Man I was so pissed.

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