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Day: February 5, 2019

Think and Grow Rich Summary

1.5 years with no girlfriend.

Man, I want to fuck a girl so bad.

It’s been 1.5 years without girlfriend. The good side of it – nobody fucks with my brain, the downside – nobody fucks with my dick.

When I think about it, I really don’t want any relationships. Relationships are baaaaaaaaaaad. The commitment, the love, the shit – man, it’s all garbage.

Although, I want to connect with some people, but having a girlfriend is not for me. I hate the responsibility.

MGTOW for the win.

How long does it take?

I don’t know.

Sometimes I find people whom spent 20 years or more building their tribe and I just found them recently.

Sometimes I know a person, Like Seth Godin, Stephen King, but I don’t buy anything from them. Because I don’t need what they offer.

I chip into free stuff

It can take forever to make me buy something. One reason I don’t work and don’t have the cash, the other reason. I really don’t need any books because there’s overload of information. I bet you can find anything for free, just from an unknown author.

Unknown authors can write gold but since they have no recognition that gold is for free. I know this from myself. I spit gold, sometimes.

Sometimes. You can think about your fame from a perspective that if it takes one person to make it big, so he’s one of 8 billion people. The competition is stiff to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Just man, be yourself. Lithuania is not America. In Lithuania it’s hard because there’s not so much people and people have not so much money and time.

Everyone is working to meet ends. Fuck it.

Personally I don’t care if I’m famous, rich or whatever.

But capitalism forces to sell something. Sell or be sold, like Cardone says.

I want to give everything for free. I’m a bad salesman.

Being able to sit at home and do nothing is a blessing.

Some people say dreams come true, well my dream came true – I never wanted to work and now I don’t.

The image is not so good, but whatever – who cares?

Being able to sit at home and do nothing is a blessing for people like me.

All people are lazy and people envy the most people who don’t work.

There are two types of people whom people envy the most.

  • Millionaires and billionaires aka celebrities.
  • People who don’t work.

People work out of necessity. Nobody imagines the world without work.

You father worked, your grandfather worked and now you have to work – what a shame.

I liked the idea of a non job.

I live in a cheap country, where the payment for your work is cheap. So I figured, maybe I can make a blog and earn the additional 200€? It would be great.

To find some sponsors who would sponsor my work.

Well, my primary reason for writing a blog is to add my two cents to the discussion. My blog is my invitation for you to become acquainted.

Life is rough man. I would live the dream if I would make 1000€ per month via the web. But I lost my hope to earn even 200€. Because let’s admit – who reads this shit?

Maybe not today, maybe someday.

Back to the blessing. Do you even realize how harsh it is outside. The winter, the cold, the pizdec, as russians say.

Being outside and being homeless is pizdec nachui blyat.

Many homeless people would give, well they have nothing to give, but many homeless people would want a warm bath during the winter. Nobody wants to live outside and freeze during the winter.

People who have always are ungrateful for what they have. I myself sometimes am no grateful, because I focus on the future and don’t want to settle.

But having a roof over your head is a blessing. Over 100 million people live in the streets all over the world. It’s like 33 Lithuania’s living outside. Though I don’t know if the number is accurate. Anyway.

Those who have web connection live better than those who don’t have.

Exercise and work is good, but not…

…for me.

Every person has the right to be lazy.

Being lazy is the prime right.

The world is abundant and there will be work for as long as the Earth will last, but when you don’t do the work – somebody else will do it.

Be a great man and give work to others.

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