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Day: February 1, 2019

Playing the game.

You can’t win this game. It’s impossible to win at games where the competition is high. Some people win, but most don’t.

Barely some people can be highly competitive.

I remember I played Diablo III, when I was in normal act 3, people were already beating the game on highest difficulty. I knew I can’t win this game.

But at least I was playing.

Fast forward to now: I don’t play games I can’t win at.

About art.

Art is art, but art needs technical level of doing it.

If you want to sing and don’t know how to create music with computer or guitar or any other instrument – your music will be poor.

If music is poor, then lyrics simple don’t matter.

If you’re a painter and you don’t know how to draw a face – you paintings will be weak. :-/

That said, I think you know what to do if you want to be an artist.

If you’re a writer and your vocabulary is poor – you’ll never write good books.

You need to up your technical level.

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