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Stuck in a routine.

If you’re like me – you’re stuck in a routine.

You wake up, light that cancer stick, make some coffee, and sit down on your chair, tune on the laptop and then you enter the matrix.

When you’re in the matrix – you have several options to do: consume and produce.

If you’re a consumer – that’s fine with me.

If you’re a producer – you have several options to produce: audio, video, image and text.

Nonetheless this post isn’t about that.

I want to tell you that routines can produce wonders or make disasters.

If you’ve been in a routine lately – you gotta check it out is it productive or not.

People have told for years. If you want different results – you gotta do different set of actions.

If you’re like me – you’re stuck in a routine. Stuck in life.

Even though each time it’s a different post – you’re basically doing the same thing over and over. Rich guys do the same routine.

But what’s the difference between you and the rich guy? If you’re both making the same step over and over.

Difference is only this: you have no recognition in the field. Rich guys have – you don’t.

What do you do? Do you continue down this path or not?

Of course you do, if you want to become an expert someday.

Today bloggers are called influencers. But you’re a poor influencer if you’re influencing just one person.

Being an influencer is easy – you just create, post, repeat. As long as it takes.

Some people like Alex Gerasimenko tell that success takes 8 years. It might be true – I don’t know.

Can you do your routine for 8 years?

It’s not enough.

It’s not enough to dream about a wonderful life.

You have to do something about it.

But it’s hard, It’s a hard problem to solve.

Yesterday my acquaintance asked me how I survive as a nolifer.

I told him, when I lay in bed, I think “how cool that I have a roof over my head“.

I’m happy that I don’t sniff jet fuel and don’t lay on a dump.

It’s not enough to wish about happy life, sure you don’t need to settle for what you have, but you need to be grateful.

Many people live worse than me and they live. Humans can live in very poor conditions.

I sure live better than people in Africa or India.

My life is wonderful, when I think about it. But when I compare to other lives – sure I’m a miserable underachiever but whatever man.

True life is rare, mediocre lives are common.

The odds are against you.

If you’re somewhat a new blogger like I am – you should know that the odds are against you.

There’s so much of blogs and most of them are writing the same exact thing.

Beauty blogs, blogs on blogs. Everybody’s with a marketing plan, with content strategy.

You have no change in beating and succeeding. It’s nearly impossible for a new inexperienced blogger to make it.

Sure you can write in your own sandbox, like me. But chances of succeeding are very slim.

It’s good when people pick you, but most won’t because there’s an established blog in every single field: from philosophy to penis implants. And the world is printing 1,000,000 posts a day, if not more.

The chance of succeeding is slim. But what should you do? Do you give up on your dream to be this new rockstar blogger? I bet you don’t want to give up.

I know I don’t to give up.

Do you play the game when the odds are against you? The game is sure rigged.

You should play the game and see what happens for yourself. Some people say it takes 4 years before you start to see web traffic.

Let’s play this little sneaky game called blogging. Maybe we’ll be successful, but most likely not.

He wrote 11,000 posts, why I haven’t heard about him before?

The problem with the web is that it’s oversupplied with garbage. Even with quality content – it’s oversupplied.

People here and there write posts, articles, press releases.

And there’s this guy, he wrote 11,000 posts.

Many bloggers play the numbers game, when in fact it’s not the numbers that count but rather the impact made by those numbers.

Since I’m a prolific writer I can make 11,000 posts in five years, maybe a bit more.

The problem is that your content has to reach people.

There’s nothing worse than a blog post which is not read by people. Sure at first nobody reads it, but when you have written 11,000 posts and nobody knows who you are. Well, that’s a problem.

Why waste your prolific gift when you can be doing something else.

The same is with me – I’m prolific. I sure want people to read my stuff, but people choose what to read themselves. I’m not forcing this piece of text into your throat. You chose it yourself.

I remember the days, when bloggers wanted just to connect with people, now bloggers want to earn money. Earn money from your pocket.

I’m kinda an old school blogger. I want to connect with people.

But today, when the web is oversupplied it’s hard to connect. In fact it’s harder than ever to find a face that wants to listen. Everybody’s busy, looking for the next great thing.

But in fact, I know from myself, despite thousands of millions voices it’s hard to find gold online. Google does a different job. It’s a search engine, not a find engine.

You can’t find anything on Google unless you search for it. Google isn’t a find engine.

In fact we need a system which would find those 11,000 blog posts.

I found just by accident. As John Biggs told most of the stuff you write online isn’t read by anyone.

The problem – is obvious – people can’t find anything online, just the trends.

Why I haven’t heard about you John Biggs?

Where can I find the 11,000 posts?

Nobody’s going to pick you.

If you’re like me – you’re waiting for the next opportunity to come.

But the problem is that nobody’s going to pick most of you. Some will be picked by the society to do the work – but most won’t.

I’m out of options. Nobody’s going to pick me.

What should I do?

I should stand up and look at my competence – what do I know how to do?

If I’m a writer – I’m going to start a blog. As you see – I did.

I’m not going to wait for opportunities to come my way, because let’s admit it – no opportunities are coming. There’s no person around the corner waiting for me, he’s not going to offer me anything.

If I’m good at something, which in fact I’m not.

I’m not going to wait for an email from certain publications with an invite to write for them, because this isn’t happening.

The web gives us the ability to speak, but how many people are there willing to listen as we speak? I bet not a lot.

Nobody’s going to pick you because the world is full of more competent people.

As I look into the world – I see competent people, doing competent things.

I’m not competent to run for president, I’m not competent to rule the world, I’m even not competent to write for any publication.

But I won’t wait for somebody to offer me something – because it ain’t happening.

The person, has to pick himself, but it’s not enough to pick yourself. However I look at blogosphere I know that people have to pick you.

There are thousands of millions voices shouting into the void and waiting to be picked.

As if the success is around the corner, but in fact – there’s nobody waiting.

Nobody’s waiting for your new post, new video, new podcast, new whatever.

Because the web is oversupplied with talented voices.

I’m not a talented writer – nobody’s going to pick me, I just can pick myself.

When I pick myself – I’m out there to be discovered, but nobody going to discover me – because there is nothing to discover – just me.


This means, you 10X your goals.

It’s hard to create one decent post. Why would we bother creating 10X of lame posts?

It’s not the count that matters, but the impact you make with your work.

Shouting into the void is easy. But the void doesn’t care if you shout 10X or 100X, the void is there to be filled.

Many expert bloggers say that you have to have a reader persona, but I ignore that rule because I’m speaking to the void.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you’re putting into your work. Nobody cares about the effort. Everybody cares about end product.

That said, nobody sees how much effort is put into one piece of work.

You can 100x or 10x or 1x. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re prolific.

Nobody can compete with prolific writers, but that’s not the point.

The point is the impact which is made by your work.

Is it okay to impact just one person? Yes and no.

Because working with print is the same work.

If you have something to offer. You want to offer your one print to as many people as you can. Because if you’ll focus just on one person – you’ll do work for one person.

Working with print is awesome, because it takes the same amount of work.

You can focus on writing to one person, but you can get 10 and 100 more readers.

You want to 10X your impact, not your effort.

Just don’t give up.

If you have a dream. You should pursue it, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful.

It’s not enough to have a dream and pursue it. It’s just not enough.

Today you have to be socially successful, because if you we’re antisocial all of your life. You can’t suddenly become social.

It doesn’t work that way.

You can pursue your dream as long as you want, but if other people don’t let you do what you want to do – you will never be successful.

You can do as much post updates as you like, but if other people don’t follow you – success ain’t coming.

It’s easy to say – just don’t give up.

Sure I would love to have all the followers, but it doesn’t work that way – you can’t ask for followers, for likes, for shares and whatnots.

To be successful – you got to be socially accepted.

Missing out.

We’re all connected to the matrix, at least most of us.

If you have the connection – you sure aren’t homeless.

The connection let’s us to be connected with the world, we sure don’t want to miss out on important things in the world.

But what if, the plan is to make us as prisoners.

They print the money, they create gadgets, the have psychologists and they know that we don’t want to miss out on important things.

They want to create a prison where you’re a slave due to your desires. Sure sitting and waiting to be fed is not an option.

And most of the time it’s a difficult to solve problem.

What do you do? How do you escape the prison? The prison sure is not an invisible one.

They give you a fictional world of warcraft, where you can evolve.

No wonder the gaming industry is big because most people choose to do things on the screen – rather than in real life.

The connection to the matrix gives you opportunity to get your voice heard, but most of us are speaking into the void. A place where only the strong opinions are heard.

You sure can’t ask for money here – you got to earn it.

But money is printed for us by them, and they print as much as they want of it.

It would be great – if you could print your own money and you didn’t have to work.

The government is run by smart men, sure you won’t outcompete them with your wisdom.

How do you escape the prison?

What to do, what to do?

If you’re stuck like me – you’re always thinking what to do, what to do to earn some money?

But this is a never ending cycle of questions that have no answer.

The answer is obvious. Create value, but then the next question arises – how?

How do I create value without selling my soul, without being a sellout?

The unemployment problem there is.

How do you create value – when you have nothing to offer.

The society is made that way. That the only freedom is watching TV, surfing the web on your PC or your smartphone.

Many people don’t even realize. That this is some sort of a prison.

Do people choose to live in the screen or are they forced to live this way?

Sure the screen gives you access to the matrix, but do you need that matrix?

It’s good when you earn through the matrix, but what if you’re just a consumer?

Nowadays consumers earn nothing, consumers spend money on things producers create. Is it bad to spend money? No it’s not.

But many producers don’t earn money. The problems is that the web, the matrix, is oversupplied with garbage. Because if you’re like me – you know that producing good content is really hard.

If you’re writing – you know that you need a lot of knowledge, to create something decent.

If you’re doing video and audio – you know that it requires huge set of technical skills. Therefore it’s hard. It’s sure easy to create videos like I do, but if you want something more serious – you gotta have those skills.

Measuring yourself.

It’s easy to measure yourself to experts and it’s hard to admit, how hard it is to be one.

I just wanted to tell you don’t measure yourself to experts.

Being a blogger is the same as being a rockstar.

Fame doesn’t come easily, but when it comes one has to be prepared.

I was famous – there’s nothing special about fame.

People just become confused.

Yesterday we had a party.

My friend came over with beer and we drank it.

Then after we were finished we went to the shop to buy more.

I had few shots of vodka.

Vodka is wicked.


Whenever I sit down to write a new book. I puke out some words and then I’m done. I know, that for some reason I won’t finish my new book.

Because I’m writing garbage. It’s not worth writing garbage nobody will ever read.

I remember when I wrote my first piece. It was good and it went out seamlessly.

As if the book popped out by itself. I just happened to write it.

I realized I’m a poor writer. All my writings are just pieces of junk.

People told that my first book was awesome. It’s because I haven’t forced it.

Now when I’m writing I have to do it by force. I want to quit writing. Quit it for good.

Living the good life.

Good life is rare, most people live in misery. You can see that on their sad faces.

But to get a good life. I just don’t know what you need to do.

I guess most people don’t know how to live a good life.

In Lithuania everybody’s poor and sad and miserable.

Especially me. 😎

Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking.

So I watched Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking video.

As I watched the video – I didn’t want to smoke, but as soon as the video ended.

I reached for the cigarette, lit it up and took some deep puffs.

Fuck Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking, but I choose to smoke, because there’s no easy way to quit smoking. If there was – nobody would smoke.

Anyway, the video didn’t help me.

Few days ago I wrote that I will quit with Champix, but I did some consideration and I choose to die from smoking. Anyway – who cares about my health? Nobody, I might get hit by a bus, or maybe I’ll go insane.

Who cares? Nobody.

Soon I’ll grab another cigarette, because smoking is an addiction, but nobody would smoke if it was easy to quit.

I choose to not get bothered by smoking. I don’t want to bother my mind if I’m a smoker or not. Smoking is cool and being antisocial is cool.

The video didn’t help me. You can unbrainwash me.


Not a philosopher.

I have to admit, I’m not a philosopher.

Philosophers solve problems, I can’t solve my problems.

But my friend told me: as long as you solve problems of other people – you’re good.

Nah bro, philosophers do real work. I’m just a hobbyist.

Philosophy takes dedicated work and I’m seeking for pleasure and fun.

Can’t explain shit to anybody anyway.

Wishing for a different life.

It’s easy to wish.

Don’t we all wish that our lives were different?

Fact is that you can wish as long as you want. Different life takes different actions.

The first thing I was told to do is raise my standard of life.

I really didn’t get what I should do to raise my standard.

As a matter of fact I’m a lazy and passive guy. I like my life but I wish I would earn more online. Now it’s just 2€ per month. This is ridiculous.

I always wanted to earn money online, but it appeared to be harder than I anticipated.

I’m really out of options. My home country pays minimum wage just 400€ it’s not enough to live a decent life, when the prices are so high.

We’re joking here in Lithuania, my home country, that prices are European and the wage is Lithuanian.

Man, I wish I could earn online, but apparently it’s not going to happen.

I’ve been doing things online for 6 years, can you imagine. I earned, well, not a lot. I earned, over my life time, a computer through the web and earning through the web seemed promising.

It’s just that creating value is really hard. Sure I can’t create a computer by myself, but I can knit a scarf, but the market is oversupplied with clothes, who’s going to buy my scarfs?

Yeah, right – nobody.

naked butt

Have a great day.

It does matter.

When you write a blog, you get a chance to explain what you’re up to.

When you’re explaining things it does matter that somebody consumes your explanations.

Because if nobody cares about your craft, it might be that you’re trying to fill the void.

It’s nothing bad with filling the void, but it’s better when people consume your art, because it does matter.

If it didn’t matter – why bother creating something art’ish?

You need to make money.

Yes people, I know I need to make money but I’ve tried every scheme possible.

I just can’t make money online.

It would be great if I could catch some money with my web projects. But with a blog it’s way harder than with youtube. My blog gets no traffic. Well, maybe 10 visits a day. It’s doing worse than my Lithuanian blog.

Over two years of writing Lithuanian blog I got stable 10 visits and it had only 300~ posts, while this blog has more posts and it has less views.

It’s ridiculous how Google doesn’t drive traffic.

I put on Youtube random video it gets somewhat 50 views, while I put a post on this blog it gets zero views.

I’m not sure but I doubt that blogging has to be this long boring journey.

But as far as I noticed, I’ll be on a long boring blogging road.

Some guys said SEO is dead but I never did SEO, I just wrote my crap to people.

As far for my stats, people read my blog – the problem is that there’s not a big bunch of people.

Anyway, I believe after 20 years of blogging I won’t make a dime.

I know this because my blog isn’t the web format. People like how to’s and informative posts. Mine are neither.

I wanted to start a new project.

So I figured I should create a number whois page.

But after adding 100 numbers I realized it’s not worth it.

Anyway, another project to my failed projects.

I just don’t want to do it – who needs another phone number website?

The competition is stiff.

Some people want to shut me up.

Some people don’t like me and I have enemies, this means I’ve stood up for something in my life.

I got banned from facebook and now people want to eliminate my youtube.

Today I got 17 emails that my videos became age restricted.

Somebody watches those videos and reports them. I had total of 10 community strikes, had to delete my youtube channel several times due to strikes.

My enemies – fuck you!!! You ain’t going to shut me up.

Quitting smoking with Chantix/Champix.

So I decided that I will try again to quit smoking, because quitting smoking cold turkey is kinda hard.

I found this drug called chantix/champix here in Europe.

I’m going to give it a try, because I’m really fed up with smoking.

Smoking gives me cough and other unpleasurable feelings.

I’m going to keep you posted with my champix experience through my blog and vlog for you Lithuanian guys.

I saw some reviews and experiences with chantix/champix, they were not that bad.

I’m kind of interested how it’s going to affect my smoking, because I really want to quit.

Fuck the guitar and music composition.

So I bought the guitar after 7 years break, when I stopped smoking for a month.

And whenever I take that guitar – I have this feeling, man fuck the guitar.

I have absolutely no joy in playing instruments.

I had joy back in the day, but when I noticed that I’m doing very poor with guitar, I said to myself fuck it.

I was composing music back in the day. You can check it out here.

And at some point it occured to me, why the fuck I should bother creating music when I can tune into any composition and listen to it – every composition is made better than I could ever produce.

My compositions suck and is more of a joke than real music.

People who create good music have great talent, because I can’t play the guitar and I can’t compose music 😭. All I can do is write posts and whine. 😎

Justice is always scarce.

We live in a society which isn’t just at all.

So true justice is always scarce.

People are equal only on paper, but in fact we are random people from random countries with random interests and behaviors and random dreams.

We have to create a system which is just for all.

We in fact need a better world because currently the world is unjust.

Why some people live in scarcity.

Smart people took all of our resources and made us buy them.

The place is sure abundant, but why then we have commercials of fast credit and quick loan. This means that people don’t have money.

Imagine a business where you give money for more money. These kind of businesses should be prohibited.

Wherever you look, you find a quick loan button if you can’t afford a product. Fast credits are everywhere these days.

There’s a conspiracy, how can the 10% of people have 90% of money and 90% of people only 10% of money. This is pure nonsense.

When you want to catch some fish, you gotta pay for the license.

Soon you’ll have to pay for a license to pick mushrooms and other gatherable goods. I bet some countries have it already.

As well as smoking, medics say smoking kills and smokes are still in the shop, nobody can sue them, nobody can destroy them.

The place is abundant and still many people live in scarcity, it’s because major companies hold all the resources. Karl Marx criticized capitalism, saying the we build products and then they are taken away from us and then we have to buy them with the same money that we earned. Some people like my capitalism criticizing.

Capitalism is nonsense because you have to be permitted to work, without permission to work – you are somehow prohibited to work.

One day my brother said: I don’t want to work and they employ me to work hardly. This is the truth, capitalism encouraged competition while we would be better of collaborating towards greater good and the resources should be shared as Jacque Fresco said.

The smart men take all the resources. Money system is a big scam which supports only the rich.

Most successful people will feed you bullshit.

Many people envy successful people because everybody wants to be successful.

Like Bob Proctor, he talks about law attraction. That you just have to reprogram your subconscious mind.

His talks sure are interesting, but he’s an author and authors have to have some twisted thing like mysticism.

Bob Proctor believes that a phone is just a vibration, in fact everything is made out of vibration and you have to align the vibration to the thing you want.

No better way to be successful than to talk convenient lies to people.

All this self help crap is for losers like me, because we like when somebody tells us that we can do something if we truly want.

If law of attraction is true – I should be rich by now, because I was thinking about riches all my life, but I didn’t know what to do to get rich – shouldn’t I just attract money, or business idea, or something to be rich? It’s law of attraction… isn’t it?

Many successful people don’t care about the vibrations, they even don’t know how to use a computer or smartphone properly. They sure don’t care about Bob’s nonsense. But since Bob earns a lot of money, his nonsense helps people, right? Or maybe people just want to feel good during his courses.

He says, that everything was here and is here, the place is abundant. But back in the day when I was a kid, there were no computers, no cellphones. People back in the day had to struggle for survival. Now it’s 100+ years when Europe doesn’t think about its survival. Even when the elements of computers and cellphones were here, they had to be found and rearranged to build such systems.

If people would just sit and dream about vibrations, nothing would be invented. Knowledge is obtained by doing, testing, thinking and sacrifice. It would be easy if you could pray to Jesus and the required item popped out of nowhere, then it would be easy.

The think and you’ll get approach is such a scam for stupid people like me. I always fall for that, there’s nothing easier than hope, belief. In fact, belief is not thinking. Belief is a pleasurable experience, while thinking is hard.

I just want to tell you – don’t fall for this think and you’ll get everything you want, because I was doing it for years and I’ve got nothing.

Law of attraction simply doesn’t work. How much time you got to spare before you give up believing all that nonsense. Year? Two? Ten years?

If you want something with the law of attraction – you’d better hope for the rest of your life.

Let’s say it simple. Imagine that I want a blog but if I never sit down to write one – I will never ever have a blog. The same with law of attraction, you just can’t sit around idle and hope miracles will happen. Sure something might happen due to chance. But leaving your life to chance is kinda risky.

The law of attraction, the secret, is opium for the people.

You see, when people hear pleasant things they get attracted to the speaker, but when somebody tells something to the people which is not pleasant, they automatically get distracted from the person. I know this because I speak and write controversy for years.

That said, don’t be fed by bullshit.

I want to earn money while I sleep, who doesn’t?

Strange people.

Believe me, we’re surrounded by strange people.

One does that strange thing, the other is a chronic liar.

Man, wish all people were normal because now everybody’s like insane.

It’s hard to be sane amongst insane people.

Before you write a book.

Book writing is hard for me. At some point in my life it was easy, but now it’s hard.

Before you write your book, be sure to gather an audience.

Because there’s nothing worse than writing a book and giving it to nobody.

From my standpoint, I figure that it’s better to write a blog before you write your book.

Blogging is like giving samples of your book

Experts around…

There are many experts who can teach and guide you and they can help solve your problems.

That said, everybody today is an unqualified expert.

Surprisingly everybody wants to help you. They truly can solve your problems, well at least they try.

I have to note that most people are in fact not smart people, me included.

This would be as if I was teaching you how to survive gonorrhea or syphilis. Of course I haven’t got these diseases, but I’m an expert.

One person yesterday told me to take to take a holistic approach towards my disease, as if the meds were just a business to keep people sick. I’m not a big believer ir holistic approaches.

Why would they invest billions of dollars into creating a drug, when you just can pray to jesus and all of your problems will go away?

I just want to tell that some people might be not so smart.

Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the majority.

Struck by schizophrenia.

Back in the day, to be exact in 2012 and earlier. I was employed, I had a girlfriend, I wrote my first book, I had more friends.

Fast forward to now. I barely have any friends, I’m not employed, I have no girlfriend and I’m a nolifer.

This is how schizophrenia hit me. It hit me hard.

To note effects of schizophrenia. There’s apathy, fear, anxiety and other stuff.

But when I look at other people affected by this disease – man, I’m still lucky.

Although I don’t know when my symptoms will get worse. When my symptoms get worse all reality distorts. I’ve been in a distorted reality and it felt good.

Before my first psychosis I had no clue we might be living in the matrix, but after my first psychosis I’m convinced we are living in the matrix.

If reality wasn’t a chemical signal interpreted by my brain it couldn’t be distorted, so it appears there’s some signal going through my brain. Man it’s complicated, I can’t cover the details. Because I’m not a scientist.

But when reality distorts it becomes so strange. I’m sick with being sick with schizophrenia. I couldn’t imagined that such disease would strike seriously on my motivation. I feel so demotivated, I feel motivation just to write, but if I would want to do things like go to the gym, or to a the cinema, or to the theatre, or anywhere else I don’t want to do it. I just want to sit at home and write my blog.

This disease sucks because it raises the apathy. Apathy is like small depresion – you feel apathetic towards most things. Apathy is when you don’t have any mood. Depression is when you have a bad mood. As far as I know both depression and apathy are due to chemical imbalance in the brain.

It’s strange how the mood is affected by chemicals in the brain. It’s very strange. The other thing that makes me sad is social problem. I feel that many people misunderstand me and my jokes. Wouldn’t it be great to have recognition amongst people. As a social creature I need social validation, if people won’t validate me on my blog, this means I’m a white crow amongst black ones.

Anyway, schizophrenia sucks. I can assure you.

Some people tell me that schizophrenia is an advantage. Some people encourage me to go out and steal shit out of cars and from kids. Man this is stupid, why would I do that? Maybe I’m schizophrenic but sure I’m not a thief and a liar.

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