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Imagine you have a car, this car is full of fuel.

Everytime you get in, you want to go somewhere, but you don’t know where you want to go. The car will sit there as for as long as you don’t have any dreams, goals and ambitions otherwise known as a ‘target’.

To move a car, you need a target.

The same is with your body, your body is like that car – it will go nowhere if it doesn’t have any direction.

Most people sit and wait for the perfect idea. Let me say one thing about ideas. Ideas can be round, triangle and cube type. It’s a metaphor for you smart guys.

When you first start doing something you gain experience. It’s better when you start something in the real world and face real world challenges, blogging to success can be a great challenge because blogging is in real world, not in a game.

Anyway. Most people stall because they have no ambitions, they let other people dictate their lives. I know this because I have had many friends who are somewhat stuck.

One thing is to be stuck in your front yard, the other thing is to be stuck on the bumpy road, but as long as you have a TARGET, you will be moving towards that target.

When you start out with a vision, how your life should be. You then need to gain knowledge in that field because let’s admit it– we all have to have some sort of fields we are good at, at least healthy people have to.

Imagine you’re living with your mom in the basement. I know many people live in the basement in the America, seen couple of streamers who stream from the basement. Anyway, you want to lay the foundation for yourself.

Because without the foundation you will be useless, what you’ll do when your mom dies. Sooner or later you’ll be forced to do something.

But if you have these good conditions to live with, you should be hungry for more but if you are desireless, aimless – you’ll end up drifting through life.

And there’s nothing worse than to drift through life. When you drift through life, you let life dictate it’s way to you.

Poor and unsuccessful people think that life just happens, but successful know that life is a process that involves aimed direction.

If you want to be a poet (nothing bad with that) but then you have to think like a poet.

I knew I wanted to be a blogger since I knew about blogs, but then I stalled for 10 years, started few blogs and they failed miserably, because I was not sure about what I should write and I was an imitator of things other people do.

And now I do my own thing in my own way.

When you have no direction, you won’t go anywhere with your car and it doesn’t matter if it’s a ferrari or lamborghini or old volkswagen golf – it will just sit in your front yard.