What does integration mean?

When we talk about human integration we sure don’t talk about shifting and twisting humans to fit into the system.

Integration itself means that we take a human as he is and give him opportunities that will fulfill him.

I’m living in a post soviet country Lithuania, this place isn’t innovative at all, most elderly people have this post sovietic trauma. We wanted a free country and now we have a bunch of thieves in the government – at least this is what the majority is talking over the web. Thieves, thieves, everywhere thieves.

I’m talking about integration just because I want to be integrated into the system, but wherever I go – people want to teach me, give me new knowledge as if my knowledge that I have is bad. My knowledge on metaphysics isn’t bad, but there are no jobs for metaphysicians.

I’m pissed that I can’t get a job as a philosophy teacher. I need to go with the grind and learn in the academic school. I was doing philosophy on my own and now I realized that philosophy is simply useless occupation here in Lithuania and probably in the rest of the world.

I don’t want to be this disabled guy who can’t do anything. I can teach philosophy, not history of philosophy, but teach how to think because I was thinking about life for 30 years and probably will continue to think years to come because nobody in the society can’t integrate me.

All my life I knew that philosophy is fun, thinking is fun, but most people don’t know how to think. Ask people: do you love thinking?

The answer will be: Man, fuck thinking.

Some of us love thinking and being with ourselves while others are in need of constant stimulation from other human beings. We are made this way. I can’t argue with nature.

But when you want to integrate a person into the society, you need to take him as he is and find a place where he fits.

The saying that we’re all good at something is false, because the person who told this hasn’t seen really sick people. Some people are just good to be in the hospital.

But when it comes to healthy people, sure, we are good at something, but a person who wants to integrate a person has to discover what is that person good at. Because something is an abstract saying.

I’m good at metaphysics, do you have a job for me?