Unleashing your fantasy.

There is nothing better in life than creating something of your own just because you can’t resonate with anybody else better than with yourself.

Fantasy – is the future life.

Life is the past fantasy.

Everything we see around us is made out of other people creative work, buildings, cars, planes and etc. Just name it and it all came from someone’s fantasy, even my blog is made out of my fantasy.

Fantasy lets us create things into the real world but we can’t create anything if we have no fantasy.

Don’t be ashamed of your creative fantasy thoughts, instead, put them on paper or blog or wherever. Just keep in mind that your fantasy has to be matured in order to be evaluated by people.

When starting writing, or any other creative endeavour, we need skills. We gain skills by trying to build up our fantasy.

If you want to see something created in the world – create it yourself, because the world is abundant – it only lacks your stuff.

I just can tell you one thing as a fellow creator – nobody will ever create anything the way you want it. You have to do it for yourself.

People I’m trying to connect with are people who want to change the world and don’t care how much energy it will take – they will be trying to change the world through their creative fantasy.

We need new school thoughts, new ideas because we’ve ran out of them long time ago.

Please, remix the world.