When I got sick with schizophrenia I got this lack of motivation. I realized that there is no free will, but there is theoretical freedom. There can’t be real freedom in a place where we have to adapt.

Anyway this post isn’t about freedom or free will.

I wanted to tell that after schizophrenia I got so lazy and lost my happy life.

Most of my teeth are broken and shattered and I keep popping pills to reduce the pain. I never had this big love for dentists and if I would be truly free I wouldn’t go to dentists ever but since I’m not free I have a theoretical choice to fix my teeth or not to.

People are talking about multiverse and parallel worlds that we live in a world of multiple possibilities, but I just wanted to tell you that there is no you elsewhere just here and you’re reading or skimming through this blog.

There is no you which is successful or not successful, there isn’t another you – just you. Just because if there was this type of thing I would jump into a ‘parallel’ world where my teeth are good, right? Why would I have to go to the dentist when I just could do quantum jump.

These theories are for weak and not so smart people. Because let’s admit – everybody wants an easy way to get to their dreams.

People who don’t understand money want money. Man you need knowledge to turn around a lot of money. I bet none of the rich read my blog because rich people have more stuff to do than poor fucks like you and me.

It’s nothing bad to be poor because the majority of people aren’t rich. Money isn’t about the number but the things you can get for the money. There is no need to store money in your closet. Money is simply a tool to exchange in the market.

So if you can’t produce what the market wants – you won’t be rich and just quit dreaming that fortune will come whilst you sit at home and read blogs about money – I’ve been doing this stuff for years and gained a lot of knowledge about money but I have no money to start with. Just because my income is like 200€ per month. I give it all away to my mother because with 200€ you just can wipe your ass or buy some food just to not to die.

My teeth are bad and I need money so bad to fix all those teeth, but as I said I would rather do a quantum jump but quantum jump theories are just opium for the masses. The is no quantum jumping and there only is one you and one me.

Multiverse is theoretical. Real reality is practical.

And when we live in practical worlds – we need practical things to save our practical body.

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