Today we had a party.

Today my friend was at the bank, he waited 1:30 hours for the bank recipient to open his bank account, but I made him a call and he was so pissed that this banking shit takes so long.

Anyway, he arrived at my house and we bought some beer which I didn’t drink, couple of packs of orange juice and two big pizzas.

The pizza firm did a bad job at slicing the pizzas, we had to rip the pizzas apart anyway, we shoved them in our face and day was good.

Today’s a cold day here in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Went to buy some smokes and my fingers were freezing from holding the cigarette. Man I hate when it’s cold outside.

Anyway, today wasn’t a bad day for me despite the cold in the atmosphere.

I realized my life is on some sort of roller coaster ride.

All my life I had this issue with money, sometimes I feel like I’m the poorest person alive. I just don’t know how a person should make money when he’s not employed – why do we need to be employed if we want money? 

Can’t there be another way to make money – without being employed in a firm?

Anyway being moneyless sucks – I don’t know how Mark Doyle is surviving.

Doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are – you have to rely on people, but what if those people aren’t your friends – what do you do then?

If you’re socially unsuccessful – you’re not going to make a lot of money, unless you fucking hide your face and scam people.

I don’t want to scam people and yes, the bob proctor university – I just don’t know how he makes his affirmations that money flows to him. I been doing these affirmations since I was born – nothing works. Man what frequencies? On what frequency are you Bob? I feel good most of the time, but the money aspect sucks.

I want to have a stable steady life flow, but no – everything has to be on a roller coaster ride.