When we start training on our strengths, we should invest 80% of our time to building those strengths. Sure it’s hard to build a talent when you’re alone and your standards aren’t high enough.

Every good talented person has to work with a strong team, only in strong teams we can be challenged.

When there’s no challenge on some level our talents won’t be triggered. It’s very important to not give up on your talents and skills.

If you’re a good writer – create your own portfolio, If you’re a good communicator – go talk to people. At first you can start via webcam.

Talking and writing are my top skills and I believe I can grow this talent to survive.

Nobody pays us for low execution, we are payed for high execution. Nobody cares about a mathematician who has score of 1, everybody wants a tutor who was excellent at maths at least 9 or 10

If you’re good at literature forget math and focus on literature. If you’re good at maths forget literature. You don’t need to put a high amount of energy in your weaknesses. You want to focus on your strengths because the world will pay you for your strengths – not for your weaknesses.

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