There’s this big abundance and still you have to work.

I know cookies aren’t going to bake themselves but man. I see shops flooded with goods – who’s making all this stuff? There’s countless number of workers in the world and people are producing goods every single day.

When some of us don’t work, others work.

Since my birth I was thinking man why do I have to work, I never wanted to work because there is no work I want to do. Well I want to do work but not in the job.

I see these gamers getting big dollars from twitch and many other streamers, gamers, vloggers – these people aren’t producing any goods to the store and yet they are rich.

I assume people don’t care how you earn money as long as you earn.

Pornstars, they just fuck and suck a dick and boom they earn a pretty decent income – man what are those pornstars producing? Yeah – nothing.

The world runs on interests of other people. If you write an article for somebody, you get cash, when you write the same article for yourself – you earn nothing. Just because you don’t have to pay for yourself.

Let’s assume I earn 15€ per written 500 word article if someone buys it from me, but when I write for myself. Like I want. Every 500 word article is produced which is worth 15€. My blog has atleast 60 000 words so what, my blog is worth 1800€? Yeah it would be great if it was so, but it isn’t. Producing and giving away content will never make you rich. It has to be a sales factor which will make you money.

I don’t understand. When you do things for yourself – you’re a parazite which doesn’t ‘contribute’ but when you do the same thing for somebody – you’re a decent man and functional. Man this is so weird. I just can’t grasp it.

There needs to be work revolution or even an evolution, because now it just doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s assume I’m a writer. My job is to write articles for someone. When I have a client it’s okay, everything is fine, but what to do when I don’t have a client? Waste my skills? Not write articles?

If everyone just did things we’re payed for it would be even less articles on the web. People want to give away stuff for free, but some prefer to take money for their services. I’m doing everything for free because I’m a writer.

I’m born to write. Writing is my interest, but it’s also your interest because you come to read these articles and deep inside I shouldn’t be called a parazite that doesn’t bring any value to the table. I don’t want to be this disabled guy who can’t do anything. But the problem is that many people just don’t like what I do and want me to do something else for money. It’s just plain nonsense.

Because as a writer I should be searching for clients? No. Clients should come to me and offer me a deal. Because when I need something done I go to guys who are already doing this shit and offer them a deal.

Sure my writing isn’t grammar correct because now I’m writing without editing software but whatever man. We need to make written language as easy as it might be. Fuck commas.

The world is abundant, but people like me – who do the work, don’t get anything from the world just couple of pizzas and few packs of cigarettes and man I am pissed about this issue.

My work depends on the audience. If the audience likes– yay I earn cash, if there’s no audience – I make nothing and it sucks. But despite the audience I do the work. I truly try to make my articles a good read even if some of you don’t like them.

Just don’t call me lazy and don’t tell me that I do nothing. Instead give me cash or give me a deal so I could write some word vomit for you.