The story of how smart people took away our resources.

I believe there’s a conspiracy against a simple man.

Simple man, he can’t ever be rich despite his work.

Simple man, can’t go to the woods to take a fish if he doesn’t own the pond.

Here in Lithuania you have to pay money to catch a fish by yourself. Soon you won’t be able to smoke in your own balcony

Smart people are trying to create a world that is purely for them. Nobody thinks about the simple man, he has to think for himself. Even when he comes up with a great idea, he then will stumble upon a wall of rejections.

Before I started writing I believed that you write a book and a blog or whatever – and people come with joy to read it. But in fact it’s the opposite of true.

The future of writing is click bait titles just to get clicks. Nobody likes when someone goes against the grind. People have no choice but to lead the crowd somewhere. A leader without a followers is just taking a walk.

Smart people took away all our resources and now – we have to pay for what we produce by ourselves. I make a shoe at the factory and then go to the store to buy the same shoe I made and the shoe costs more than I was given to produce it.

It’s ridiculous how capitalism works. Prices go up every year and what you’ve earned yesterday is not enough for today. Prices just keep rising despite what everybody wants.

I believe that the world is made by greedy capitalists. There are many ideas how to improve the world but the rich don’t want it. Rich want to be rich and instruct those who have no influence and power.

For example me: I don’t want to adapt to the market, Why can’t the market adapt to me? When we talk about integration, everybody wants to take a person and shift and turn him so he would fit in. This is nonsense.

The capitalism doesn’t work for most of us. People work all their lives and barely meet ends. And the world is abundant there is so much of everything but everything is just right under the price tag.

How much I can produce with little to no help. The society itself doesn’t want me working, they instead give me a disability check so I would stay shut.

When ever I write to some firms and tell them I can work for you – nobody needs me.

Imagine the world where you have to be misemployed. You have these awesome skills and awesome knowledge and yet – you don’t fit in.

Fuck those rich guys. I know that my blog could be popular and good, but the problem with the web is that people want to make money out of your work. Nobody needs my blog to be seen – just me.

And the web by itself is flooded by nonsense. Imagine I have 1100 videos on youtube and they just get 2000 impressions per day.

Take away good things from a guy and don’t let him be angry, put him in the mental house.

Fuck the world and the way it’s built. I know those people are smart and I’m not, because if it was vice versa I would be smart.

You can be as smart as you want, but if you don’t have the resources or money – nobody’s going to listen to you, why? Because nobody is ever listening to a simple man.