The soviet country life.

Today I was at my grandmother’s house.

She kept talking about the soviet life. That there were no shoes. In fact there was nothing. That her father was in America to earn something and when he came back everything he earned was stolen.

I guess soviet life was way different than life in America. America is the country of cruel capitalism. Although I never was in America so I can’t tell anything.

Soviet life is scarcity while many Americans whom I see through the web tell that the world is abundant.

I guess scarcity and abundance depends on where you are living.

My grandmother tells that today she’s living like in heaven. I guess capitalism is good for her.

Can you imagine. She goes by with 250€ pension and she manages to go to Palanga, Lithuania.

She says that this resort fills her with life. I can’t argue with that.

She’s old and waiting for her death to come. She has no future. Old people have no future because they have already lived their life.

But on the other hand, when you look at old people you see that life itself isn’t something special. There’s no need to think about success.

When you’re young you’re hoping for success, but when you’re old there’s no need to hope for success.

Life in the soviet country was very scarce. It’s been 70 years ago and now we have everything. Soviet communism was garbage. You can’t inflict communism on people who don’t want it.

Capitalism is garbage too, but capitalism made all this progress. There was no major progress during the soviet union times. Sure you could get a flat for free, but there was no jeans and coca-cola.

In soviet union everybody had to work, now you can stay at home and do this blogging thing.

I’m done.