The journey to being a comedian.

At first you’re a clown.

Then you’re a joker.

And only if you get through these stages – you’re a comedian.

To me, the world is not a serious place. While everyone is doing serious business I crack philosophical jokes on youtube.

I got this talent to make people laugh.

In fact, I see all these sad people walking around and I believe jokes fit good in this place. There’s never enough of jokes.

Being a joker is good just because when people laugh, they don’t understand the concept you are telling.

I started talking about matrix one of the first in Lithuania. Matrix is a good joke when you don’t understand it, but when you get into it and understand it – it’s no longer a joke.

I don’t know why people laugh, but I believe it’s due wiring in our brain. We are wired to laugh when we don’t understand or if something triggers our emotions.