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Yesterday I popped Olanzapine Actavis 10mg and had this weird dream.

At first I was dreaming that I’m playing an mmorpg game and level upped to be Goku

Son Goku

Then the second part of the dream came. Where I was myself and I had this calling to go to the church. As you know I’m not religious but I often get these Godly dreams were the dream itself is calling me to go to the church.

Then I met a priest, he was telling all these good things about the matrix and he let me to the creator of the ‘matrix’ which was some sort of an intelligent alien looking like a crab and that bastard stabbed me into the heart with a knife.

And then this song sang in my head “If you want to live forever – come to the church, come to the church”

All I can say that these pills: cisordinol and olanzapine and the xeplion injection make my dreams so awesome. I have to admit: every night I live somewhat 15 minutes in a dream. And my dreams are getting weirder and weirder.

Sometimes I dream about Transformers and The Matrix and I often mindfuck the whole matrix. It’s weird man.