Writing Improvement Software

Days like these I feel dull, nothing new is happening. In fact, nothing new is happening for almost a decade. Just sitting at home, trying to hack the matrix.

Because for me, the world is under a price tag.

And it’s really hard to make money. I’ve been trying and doing everything I know and can and nothing ever works for me.

I feel like people have some sort of grudge on me. I have this feeling now and then.

I feel that something is holding me from success. Don’t we all want to be successful? We all sure want to be happy.

But mediocre life is underrated.

I have to admit that I’m living a mediocre life and myself am mediocre.

I would love to make money online but I just don’t know how. Everything I tried hasn’t worked for me.

I don’t think you have to bust your ass for years in order to make some buck.

I don’t want to sell anything, in fact, I don’t have anything for sale because let’s admit it – if I had something good to offer I would be rich.

I’m constantly thinking about money – how to make some, but despite my efforts I have made nothing and I wonder why is that so.

Why my efforts don’t bring me cash. As if I was born to be a nobody. I know I’m good at blogging but man blogging over the years has brought me almost nothing in cash.

I made several short books on kindle, these bring me 2€ per month and I’m thinking man if I can get 2€ per month why can’t I get more. Who is prohibiting me to get more.

Sure I could blast some good books and put a bigger margin, but man writing long shit is really hard.

As a writer I can tell that I’m writing shit just because if I didn’t, there would be traffic. I think people hold a grudge on me.

Lamer stuff gets more views on youtube than my videos. I just can’t get it.

And besides today I feel dull due to this fact. I’m never good to the society. Society has put a huge standard on creative work.

As Yann said only 1% of creatives earn money, what do 99% do to survive? I have no fucking clue. I love creative work, but it doesn’t fulfill me as a creator – it doesn’t put bread on the table.

I just don’t know how to improve my creativity.