The active investment.

If you’re like me you’re struggling with cash.

As a poor person with little to no income, with no work.

Your duty is to invest your time into things that are active.

Active investment is an investment which has the potential to earn money while the investment of liability is an investment which has no potential to make you money, instead it sucks your money out of your pocket.

As a writer and public personality I need to have a blog, a place, where my future clients can look me up.

We live in a world of sales. Someone has to sell something in order to become wealthy. Creating wealth, when you have no ideas and you’re poor is really hard.

The more successful you get – the more people you attract.

Because people will give you deals so you could profit from those deals. Whilst this blog is my own interest, it’s also the interest of my clients who’ll sooner or later will find my blog.

We have to remember, if we are poor – we have to invest our time into asset building. When you’re poor – you can write books, make a blog or do something that has the potential to make you money – that’s what we call an active investment.

Money will never come to people who stall on their ideas. Making money is really hard, especially in countries where there is no money.

Since Lithuania is a poor country, I have to use the web in order to reach the rich world. I’m not a good coach on money, but I invest in assets that have the potential to introduce me to new people who might become my clients.

Everybody needs clients these days. But the more successful you get, the easier it is to attract new clients.

If you have a deal for me, please contact me.