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I had this great vision for life. Where I was healthy, rich and with my own family.

When I was friends with my now ex girlfriend. I wanted a kid so bad and I didn’t ask her if she wanted, but it appeared she didn’t want my child.

Fast forward 9 years, my vision for life failed – I’m not healthy, not rich and without my own family.

Never thought it’s so hard someone whom you can trust.

Over the years I got sick with schizophrenia, I believe that my child which was never born could get it too.

9 years later. I don’t want kids, nor I want a family. Because family is a lot of responsibility. Over these years I realized that I don’t want to be responsible for some young child.

This world is cruel and the child will have to survive on its own.

Thank god I have no children, because it would be a chore to rise a child and to look after it – once I was ready to do it, but now I just wouldn’t have any guts to do it because life hit me hardish.

I know there are people who live worse than me and still made children, but I don’t want my child to be a bum or to have this scarce mentality which I have.

Until the world is a better place. I will say no to kids.

Being without money, without health. With this schizophrenic condition I sure don’t want a sick child.

Thanks God, you didn’t give me children.